Gps Za Samsung S 7350


Si Vreme  v.

Si Vreme je aplikacija, ki prikazuje napoved vremena za Slovenijo s pomoATjo podatkov Agencije RS za okolje.


1. 5-dnevno napoved vremena za slovenske regije:
- min/max temperatura
- hitrost in smer vetra
- ...

My Spots  v.


My Spots is an app that turns your phone into a portable GPS device. It’s one of those apps that no one should ever leave home without and it’s a lot fun too! Below are only some of the things that you can use My Spots for:

- ...


Samsung Format Utility  v.2.4

Samsung Format Utility is a software specifically designed for Samsung External Hard Disk drives using either the FATS32 or NTFS file system.
With the help of the Samsung Format Utility application, youll be able to easily wipe a the data from a HDD ...

FW LiveUpdate  v.

Samsung electronic has developed an automatic firmware upgrade program, the first of its kind in the world.
This service has been provided for all ODD (CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, COMBO, RAM, SLIM, and etc.) user and TSST (Toshiba Samsung Storage ...

PDF kilidini  v.2.4

PDF kilidini a+zmak i+zin s+-recin +zok kolay ve rahat Estelar verimli PDF G+-venlik Temizleme Arac-- ile hi+z Bu ara+z bir PDF dosyas-- a+zmak ve kopya yazd--rmak, d+-zenlemek ve +cifre sahibi kald--rarak kilitli PDF dosyas--ndan veri ay--klamak izin ...

GeoGet  v.

If you are a starting user, you will most likely be interested in export plugins, which can help you to create precise output compatible with your favorite GPS receiver.

It's highly recommended to visit the web page and find out ...

Gps review

It's just that it's hard to decide if a certain model GPS device is the right one just by looking at technical specifications.

SAMSUNG Notebook WiFi Router  v.4.8

Summary: SAMSUNG notebook WiFi Router is a software-based WiFi routing utility that turns your SAMSUNG notebook into a wireless router. Designed specially for SAMSUNG brand notebooks for sharing the SAMSUNG notebook's Internet with other WiFi-enabled ...

Virtual GPS  v.1.42

Virtual GPS is a GPS simulator software. You can use it to simulate a GPS receiver unit connected to your system. It's ideal when you need GPS input, but you have no signal or for development purposes. It supports various NMEA sentences, so it can be ...

DriverVista For SAMSUNG  v.7.6

Update Vista/Win7 drivers for your SAMSUNG notebooks. DriverVista For SAMSUNG can help relieve you of worries about installing out-of-date drivers. It scans your system and install SAMSUNG official drivers to your SAMSUNG notebooks automatically.

Whether ...

DriverXP For SAMSUNG  v.7.8

Update Windows XP/2000/2003/NT drivers for your SAMSUNG notebooks. DriverXP For SAMSUNG can help relieve you of worries about installing out-of-date drivers. It scans your system and install SAMSUNG official drivers to your SAMSUNG notebooks automatically.

SAMSUNG Wireless Laptop Router  v.7.1

SAMSUNG Wireless Laptop Router is a simple to use software that turns your WiFi-enabled SAMSUNG laptop into a wireless router. You may come across the situation of temporarily needing an extra wireless router, but you have only Broadband Connection. To ...

Recover Samsung Phone Data  v.

Recover Samsung Phone Data utility is an outstanding software to recover lost data from Samsung Phone. This tool is fast and safe solution for your deleted or lost data from Samsung Smart phone. This utility is regarded as one of the most powerful phone ...

GPS detector  v.

The GPS Detector software is used to update the GPS detector's database , updating maps , routes and camera locations . The device itself is based on pre-installed GPS coordinates, the device can indicate various road hazards like: Fixed cameras, Red ...

GPS Express  v.3.x

One of Steelwater Solutions Corporation's most exciting and innovative products is GPS ExpressTM NMEA-0183 protocol software.
GPS Express outstandingly enhances and simplifies working with NMEA-0183 data, such as is found in GPS receivers.
Version ...

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