Government Invasion Of Privacy


Hunter 4 Invasion Of Alien  v.2.2

In the year that some order was restored, there were still many problems. Once the hunter was passing by, and suddenly aliens were invading all over the world. Hunter quickly jumped to the main ship and waited for a lot of alien monsters to arrive for ...

Privacy curtains free screensaver by  v.1.0

Italian company specialized in the production of privacy curtains, hospital headwalls, medical supply units both for hospital, private clinics and rehabilitation centers. The electro medical products of LM Medical Division are unique and have a Made ...


Privacy Protection Suite 2.1

Privacy Protection Suite is a powerful tool that protects your privacy. It solves a major problem a violation of privacy and a security flaw in the system. Mishandling private information, such as customer passwords or social security numbers, can compromise ...

Fireball CyberProtection Suite  v.2.0

This software combines the power and protection of a personal firewall, intrusion detection system, privacy controls, system assessment, parental controls, and an IPSec VPN in a single integrated program suite. Fireball users are shielded from Trojan ...


Tilelander can be played as a puzzle or as an action game - it's up to you whether to play in a relaxed mood or with fury! Save Tileland from the invasion of the evil Xyzon empire by filling tile areas and using special items such as blasts, remote controls ...

Auto SysTools Vista  v.

The application includes a set of privacy and system tools, all very easy-to-use. In the System tools tab you will find a powerful disk cleaner, which scans your entire or a part of your system and shows all the amount and type of junk files so you can ...

WebWasher  v.

Filtering of content Dimension filter URL filter
Pop-up windows Scripts
Animations Optionse Protection of privacy
Web bug filter
Referer filter
Cookie filter
Access control
Negative lists
Positive lists
Options ...

ZuluWar!  v.1 3

The 1879 British Invasion of Zululand
As the clouds of the rainy season in Natal disappeared, a new storm brewed on the border between the British colony and Zululand in 1879. By January 11, there were five columns of British regular infantry, Natal ...

Callas pdfaPilot Server  v.2 4

The callas pdfaPilot Server 2 is the professional solution to validate and/or create PDF/A-files for businesses and government agencies of all types, as well as archives and libraries, that store and long-term maintain documents.
Its powerful hot ...

Adamant Web Designers Melbourne  v.1.0

Adamant Solutions is a web design and online marketing studio, servicing businesses and government organisations of all sizes within Melbourne, Melbourne and throughout the world. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services, our dedication and our ...

X-COM  v.2 75

X-COM can offer you a minimun of privacy: every communications is encrypted using the Blowfish encryption algorithm.
You will be able to send messages / files and chat with anyone on your lan and internet.

- encrypted ...

Weather 1  v.8.50

* No invasion of privacy. No spyware.
* Very little CPU usage.
* Save 20 of your favorite, worldwide cities for current conditions. Just about anywhere in the world! Search to find nearby weather reporting stations. Supports US zip codes, ...

Jelly Monsters  v.

From ancient times, our ancestors had to fight against the invasion of the aliens. They are giant and greedy jelly monsters and the only weapon which are powerful enough to stop them is the catapults. Your mission is using the catapult to crash jelly ...

Space Octopus Mono  v.

In a world without color, only you and your friend can stop the invasion of the octopus army. Race through special stages, collect rare upgrades and destroy strange aliens as you explore one of the most unique experiences on the marketplace.

-- ...

DeEgger Embedder  v.1.09

The DeEgger Embedder is a piece of privacy software for Windows. It's designed to allow the user to create files that have other files hidden inside them. It takes a file of any kind, and merges it's binary (1s and 0s) with the binary of any media file ...

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