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Irie Pascal  v.2.0

The Irie Pascal compiler fully supports Standard Pascal (the 'teaching' language) making it a great choice for use in courses like:
- 'Introduction to Programming' or
- 'Data Structures'.
Irie Pascal is also a great choice, if you want ...

SAX for Pascal  v.1 1

SAX for Pascal provides a specification, in the form of a set of Delphi interfaces, for parsing XML documents. Your client code receives a bunch of events that tell you the contents of the XML document. The main interface a SAX parser provides is IXMLReader ...


Pascal Browser  v.1.7.0

In short, Pascal Browser, or PAB for short, is a Windows application that can: create a hyperlinked collection of HTML documents for your source code help you understand and get an overview of your code assist you in finding errors and anomalies in the ...

Visual Pascal  v.1.28

Small tool for Delphi and Pascal programmers. By a several clicks you get a large amount of code in the Pascal programming language. Keyboard is needed for typing names only. The program window is separated into two parts. On the left you insert program ...

Tidycode Pl/Sql Formatter

This software allows you to tidy, beautify or format your Pl/Sql code in a batch file or Dos prompt.In other words, it is a command line tool that can be built in your programming environment. It can be used in most free or commercial editors/IDEs.There ...

Turbo Pascal for Windows

Turbo Pascal is a complete software development system that includes a compiler and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Pascal programming language running under CP/M, CP/M-86, and MS-DOS, developed by Borland under Philippe Kahn's leadership.

PL Compiler MYOB Excel

The PL Compiler allows you to select the amount of detail displayed and use the data for performance review and budget formulation. It improves understanding of business operations, enhances budget development, and provides significant time saving in ...

UCertify OCP DBA9i PL/SQL - 1Z0-007 exam

Pass OCP DBA9i PL/SQL exam 1Z0-007 in first attempt. 280 questions with detailed explanation and 105 study notes. 1Z0-007 - Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL study notes, articles and mock test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on latest Oracle ...

Pascal Analyzer  v.6 1

Pascal Analyzer, or PAL for short, is a development tool that measures, checks, and documents your Delphi or Borland Pascal source code. It makes software projects of any size easier to understand and enables developers to produce more flawless and reliable ...

Free Pascal  v.2. 4. 2004

Free Pascal fully or partially supports the dialects of many other Pascal compilers, including those of Turbo Pascal , Embarcadero Delphi, as well as some compilers that were available on the Macintosh. More than one dialect may be used to produce a single ...

Oracle PL/SQL Developer  v.

PL/SQL Developer is an Integrated Development Environment that is specifically targeted at the development of stored program units for Oracle Databases. Over time we have seen more and more business logic and application logic move into the Oracle Server, ...  v.

pl na swoją Windows Phone!

Bądź na bieżąco ze wszystkim tym, o czym powinna wiedzieć nowoczesna i stylowa kobieta!
Gdziekolwiek jesteś, zabierz ze sobą forum, albumy, artykuły i newsy z! Podziel się swoimi zdjęciami, ...  v.

pl is an application allowing access to the latest information published on the portal If you are interested in news from the world of Windows Phone 7 this app is for you. to aplikacja umożliwiająca dostęp do najnowszych ...

WP.PL  v.

PL umożliwia dostęp do najważniejszych wiadomości, galerii i danych finansowych. Została podzielona na trzy kategorie: Wiadomości (z Polski i ze świata), Sport (Ekstraklasa, Formuła 1) i Finanse ( Notowania giełdowe, waluty NBP i on-line). Aplikacja ... RSS  v.

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