Ge Trans


GETrans  v.1 8

For all such worried people, GE Trans is there to help. GE Trans is an excellent software tool which is very effective in translating from German language to English. GE Trans has a huge collection of German words in its database which helps it in the ...

GETrans - German to English Translator  v.1 6

With a translation database exceeding 220,000 German words and phrases, including many scientific and technical terms, GE Trans produces draft translations which can be readily polished into a finished translation, or simply used as a reference. You ...


BYclouder Ge Digital Camera Photo Recovery  v.

The main function is recovery lost Ge Digital Camera files from any storage device, these storage device including: hard drive, CD-ROM, Ge Digital Camera memory card,etc. Ge Digital Camera Photo Recovery ignores the file system layer, direct recovery ...

Digi]|[Trans  v.1.0

Digi]|[Trans v1.0 is used to convert between diffrent number systems with a maximum base of 36.
One feature of Digi]|[Trans v1.0 is that you can also convert to number systems with rational bases. You can also convert from a latin number system.

GE-Graph  v.2.2.21

GE-Graph (GE-Graph: Graph for GoogleEarth) helps you to make graph into Google Earth to illustrate your presentations, and papers. GE-Graph was developed to generate graphs from kml files saved by GE. The file generated by GE-Graph can be exported to ...

Rexx/Trans  v.32

Rexx/Trans provides an abstract level between a Rexx-enabled application and a Rexxinterpreter. This allows an application to be written using the SAA Rexx API and linkedwith Rexx/Trans. At runtime, Rexx/Trans finds an appropriate Rexx interpreter fo ...

DTV2Ser Trans MAC Gui  v.0.1

DTV2Ser Trans is a simple OS X GUI for dtv2sertrans from Lallafa. Features: * Transfer C64 PRG. * Send/Run/Send and Run. * You can use the SYS for start your proggy. * Debug Output Windows. * Preferences for Enable/Disable Debug Windows and for configure ...

PicZ.Ge Uploader  v.1.0

Ge Uploader is a Windows program (shell extension) that simplifies image uploading process to the ; After the program installation, every time you right-click on the image file(s) in the Windows Explorer you will find there a context menu ...

Trans Lucy  v.2.0

Keep right on working though because you have Trans Lucy 2, the video player that lets you work and watch at the same time.Trans Lucyls video display floats above the rest of your windows so you get an unobstructed view of your favorite movies. Oh, but ...

Starport GE  v.1.0

Starport: Galactic Empires is a multi-player online game developed by Playtechtonics. It is a 2D role-playing game. However, it is not what it seems. When you start and create an account, you will be presented with the option of joining several servers.

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English Ge  v.3. 2. 1985

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English German for Palm OS provides bidirectional word translation and speech synthesis.

Make your Palm speak English with LingvoSoft Talking Bidirectional Dictionary! Just select any English word and with one click ...

MB TRANS plus  v.1.00

This music recognition program transforms your voice or any acoustic sound to MIDI format in real-time. This listens to your voice to detect and record the current pitch and level. It shows the pitch graph while you are singing or performing and retrieves ...


Add transparent windows to your application. You sow this, know about this and here is easy way to have transparent windows under your control.

VTA  v.2.0

Vintage Trans AM is a enjoyable car game, with a nice set of wheels, a fast, exciting racing game, which allows to fell a great driving experience, behind the wheel of a powerful racing car, against multiple driver opponents. Vintage Trans AM is a free ...

Premier Collection AV-8B Harrier for  v.1.0

The twin GE TF34-GE-100 engines spin to produce more than 9000 pounds of thrust each. Rev the engines and have patience until you're moving at about 110 knots. With a full load, you're moving more than 50,000 pounds.

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