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MB Sade Sati

MB Sade Sati Software is a very significant astrology tool that does free sade sati calculations for you and lets you know if you are under the sade sati influence of Saturn or Shani. The sade sati analysis or the sade sati interpretation delivered by ...


ILevel Forte  v.

Whether you're sizing joist, beams, posts, or studs, iLevel Forte software performs load calculations and identifies solutions for the conditions and geometry you input. Size for a specific spacing, member depth, or just the best economical fit.

Loadcalc 2011  v.

Loadcalc 2011 Panel Schedule prepares panel schedules, prints out circuit directories, and performs panel load calculations in accordance with the 2011 NEC.
* Load calculations and demand factoring according to occupancy type

Eval  v.1.00

EVAL is free.
2. All calculations are performed in long double precision (80 bits).
3. It can evaluate any expression (or set of expressions) located in its command line (useful for fast calculations and inside batch files)
4. It can also ...


Pro-Est HVAC is Professional Estimating Systems complete HVAC estimating program which includes pipe, sheet metal and an excel recap sheet. It's comprehensive, affordable, user friendly and flexible. It works on 32 and 64 bit processors and on windows ...

Design Master HVAC  v.6

Design Master HVAC is an integrated HVAC building design and drafting program that runs on top of AutoCAD. Drafting features include single-line and double-line 2D ductwork with automatic fittings and 3D ductwork. Duct sizing calculations include constant ...

A+ Calc  v.2.0

A+ Calc is a scientific calculator with a multi-line edit display that shows all calculations and allows editing and recalculating equations. A+ Calc includes hexadecimal, statistics, and unit conversion tools, and calculation save and load ability. Trial ...

Duct-Lite  v.2.02

HVAC Sheet metal (Ductwork) estimating software: reduced scope. Duct-Lite calculates the quantities of materials directly related to the sheet metal portion of an estimate.
Duct-Lite includes sheet metal, ductboard, duct wrap, liner, reinforcement ...

Pipe-Lite  v.2.02

HVAC pipe estimating software: reduced scope. Pipe-Lite includes pipe only. It's comprehensive, affordable, user friendly and flexible.
The pipe estimating portion of the software multiplies manually input quantities of pipe, valves & fittings by ...

Engineering Power Tools - Plus Edition  v.2.0.4

Here's a list of the groups that the Engineering Power Tools uses to organize the utilities:
• Math: shape areas, conversion factors, engineering constants, triangle calculations, and else.
HVAC: flow calculations, blowers, solar ...

Pipe-Pro  v.2.02

Spread sheet for common HVAC formulas
14. Printable take off forms are included.Limitations:
* 30 days or 40 executions trial ...

Duct-Pro  v.2.02

Spread sheet for common HVAC formulasLimitations:
* 30 days or 40 executions trial ...

Stock Chart Wizard  v.2.24

You also know that historical data is already available for free through Yahoo!, so you don't want to pay for it!Not Just Another Browser
So far, you've been pretty disappointed with the stock chart program that you have downloaded, because most ...

MB Chaldean Numerology

MB Chaldean Numerology Software is a unique tool that does free chaldean numerology calculations.

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