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Speedy Make

A replacement for make, a portable parser for makefile in XML, that is clean and easy to understand and to build. A lot of tasks are automated, for example, the parser needs only for the name of the main source file to build a whole project.
The program ...

S-make - small make  v.1.0

s-make serves as a replacement for make and the like; it targets developers who dislike make or just want to stick to Tcl.


XWord  v.2.03.006

XWord is a new and useful software for make puzzle game. A fun game that you can get it for free and start playing.

Isoliner  v.1. 6. 2005

Isoliner is the ArcGIS extension for make grids and points theme with interpolate by Kriging's and triangulation method. Last version of extension include Slide Analyst as free function.
Isoliner include additional 3D functions, interpolation by ...

Axara Free 3D Image Creator  v.

A unique program for make 3D image. Two creation mode: manual mode use two images created with different angles and offset and fully automatic mode when 3D stereoscoping image created from one image with help special 3d algorithms. 3D Image Creator converts ...

Reverse Tool  v.1.0

Desktop utility for 3 basic searchs: reverse email, reverse cell phone and archive finder for make your search easier, and you can use 3 internet separate services in 1, not need to browse to each website.

EXtended Screenshot  v.2.0

This is a nice Windows and Linux screenshot tool for make, edit, share and exchange screenshots between people via the internet. Save a screenshot or a part of the screen to a file within a second. Apply text and shapes to the screenshot. Offers capture ...

Snacks  v.

Here is list of Snacks available for make. Also steps with photos are available.

SCons - a Software Construction tool  v.2.1.0

SCons is a software construction tool (build tool, substitute for Make) implemented in Python, based on the winning design in the Software Carpentry build tool competition (in turn based on the Cons build tool).

Shell, python, and GNU make debuggers  v.0.6

In the patched sources for Make, we provide better error handling and tracing. GNU Emacs support is included for all debuggers.

NecroEncoder  v.1.0

It is the most popular encode library for make MP3 files with best quality of sound. Now you can enjoy with very good mp3 sound.
3. To choose destination format use "MP3" and "WMA" buttons on main panel.Advanced output format settings:
* To configure ...

TIFF into PDF  v.

Conversion process is very simple you add many images by drag and drop operation and chose the option for make single or individual files and single click on convert button tools will change them in a second. TIFF images to PDF provides many other option ...

Windows 2008 deleted file recovery  v.2 1

Windows 2008 deleted file retrieval product is designed by the expert data recovery engineers for make instant data recovery on drives that are damaged or corrupted due to virus attack, system failure or bad sectors. Windows 2008 deleted file restoration ...

Polyomino-7  v.1.4

The software Polyomino-7 offers you the following possibilities:
* play to more than 500 puzzles;
* unlimited undo and redo;
* create your own puzzles;
* save and load games;
* show legal move, inverse illegal move, shadow, contour;
* choose colors of: ink, background, contour;
* change scale of square;
* select a "skin" for display figures, 14 "skins" are included;
* print: current position, empty board and figures (for make a puzzle on paper);
* ...

Workplace Safety  v.

Here are the chapters included inside the book:

★ Why Workplace Health & Safety are Important
★ It Takes Team Effort!
★ Some Rules are Essential
★ Rewarding Compliance
★ You Need a Backup Plan
★ Dealing with Issues and Concerns
★ How to Deal with Noncompliance
★ Remember What the Workplace is for!
Make Your ...

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