Folder Creation


Folder Watchdog Service  v.2

Folder Watchdog Service notifies about file or folder creation/modification/deletion/right change via mail. Both local and remote file systems may be monitored. Notification messages may be sent in either plain text or HTML. No administrative rights are ...

Client Folder Maker  v.4.0

Client Folder Maker is a simple, easy-to-use general purpose folder creation and management tool for the busy desktop publisher, prepress operator or web designer. It allows you to set up a hierarchy of folders once, then re-create that hierarchy anywhere ...


FileToFolder  v.4.1

Providing easy, one-click folder creation from a file and moving that file into its new folder. Need to do the opposite and rapidly move multiple files out of their folders into the current folder? FileToFolder will do that too with a simple 'right-click' ...

PCBooster Free File Monitor  v.7.3.6

It reveals the events in real-time in the main window, including file and folder creation, modification and deletion. Meanwhile, you are allowed to choose which kinds of notifications to display. Now just focus on your stuff and let PCBooster Free File ...


Features include: Multiple Tabs, multiple folder uploads, asyncronous uploads, syncronous uploads, permissions settings, right click functionality server side, file deletion, file rename, folder deletion, folder rename, folder creation, refresh, 12 theme ...

Digital Music Pad  v.

With options you will find indispensable such as automatic, manual and mirror folder creation, filters, and an easy Wizard guide.
Play list support for WPL, M3U and PLS formats.
Automatic album information transfer including lyrics and covers.

NoticeOrganizer  v.1.0

This automates sorting, size reduction, folder creation and deletion, and case blocking for PACER/ECF Email notifications. It runs every time you start Microsoft Outlook, placing a menu on your main Outlook toolbar.

Custom Folder  v.1.5

Compact utility Custom Folder helps to create directories formating their names with date and time mask. Utility can be very useful as part of your batch scripts.

Command line version of the utility can run application of your choice with new ...

New Folder Wizard

Using the text file option makes new folder creation as easy and fast as typing.

Folder Replica  v.1.08

Folder synchronization in Folder Replica offers ways to find duplicates within your folders, and analyze your backup locations so that you dont transfer files which you already have, also If you have changed names or reorganized folders of your data, Folder Replica can detect these changes and offer renames and new folder creation on target ...

DirDate  v.6.5

-DIRFIX mode can intelligently set folder dates after a backup/restore or copy has reset all folder creation dates.

-FILEFIX mode fixes modified dates that are earlier than create dates.
-REPORT mode saves dates from one ...

Backup Engine  v.9.0

It is powerful and handy software useful for taking Backup, Schedule Backup, Real Time Backup, Data Backup, Auto Backup, File Backup, and Folder Backup.

Backup Engine principally takes backup by two ways:

1) Schedule Backup
Schedule ...

Aviosoft iPhone DiskAid  v.

It is not only a useful transfer but also a perfect manager for your iPhone which can easily realize iPhone management on PC like folder creation, renaming, file deleting, etc.

Main Features

USB file transfer
You can access ...

DirSync Directory Synchronizer  v.

It supports many powerful and flexible features, such as: run as service, remote administration, scheduling, simulation, bandwidth throttling, e-mail reporting, filtering, unicode filename, validation, transfer security attributes, transfer folder creation/modification ...

PDF To JPG Converter For Mac  v.2.0

When users want to convert several PDF files in bulk, there is a folder creation function can convert each PDF file to each new folder named as the PDF filename.

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