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Xerox ContentsBridge Utility  v.7. 1. 2001

Contents Bridge Utility is a tool for printing PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and XPS files without using the installed print driver. Print Submission Tool.

The direct-print can be done in the following ways.
- Select the file to be printed (Only the ...

Valentin Config Tool  v.

By means of the ConfigTool it is possible to configure Valentin label printers, direct print modules and print modules.
The software of Touch Panels can be updated and the connection parameters adapted.
Alternatively the configuration of devices ...


IProof-X  v.list

The iProof-X™ and iProof-X™ LF Direct Print Driver for Epson Ink Jet Printers are non-PostScript drivers designed to be used with Apples OS X 10.2 or later. iProof-X makes use of the CUPS printing architecture built into Apples OS X 10.2. The ...

Screen Capture + Print  v.1.17

The freeware software supports desktops spanning multiple monitors, transparent windows and transparent screen elements and offers direct print out and save to file of the captured image. In case you would like to deliver this application within your ...

KM-NET for Direct Printing  v.2.4.1314

KM-NET for Direct Printing allow you the possibility to print PDF documents on each Kyocera printer or MFP, without opening the document before.

There's no application to open or driver required. It's also possible to apply security passwords ...

Easy Blue Print  v.1.0

Easy Blue Print is a simple software software used to quickly create floor plans for office and home layouts.
With Easy Blue Print you can:
* create walls
* join walls end-to-end
* add dimension lines
* add windows and doors to walls
* ...

Word Print Buttons  v.4.1

So for example you can create: Button 1 to print out the actual document on printer 1 tray1 for a test print. Button 2 to print out the same document page 1 on printer 2 tray 3 and the other pages on printer 2 tray 1. Button 3 to create a PDF-document.

LightShot  v.2.6.0

* Ctrl+F - Switch to Fullscreen mode
* Ctrl+X - exit screenshot mode
* Ctrl+mouse hover to select area - will copy screenshot to clipboard right after you will finish selectingSupported program versions
* Mozilla Firefox Add-on: 2.0 - 3.

Z/Scope Warp

- SCS (SNA Character String) printer support is now included, in direct, print-to-file and preview modes
- New! Full multi-session FTP client integrated into the tabbed interface.
- New! Integration with Microsoft Office suite. Export text ...

Photo Frame Maker  v.2 8

The application can direct print or email the output framed photos. It supports up to 5 different image formats, including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF.

Sorax Reader  v.2.0

Small and fast free PDF reader. Fast launch speed and a lot of features. Printing PDF files Zooming in and out, rotating displayed pages - Displaying document bookmarks and page thumbnails, Selecting text on the viewed page, copying to clipboard; Searching ...


* SCS printing support: Integrated SCS (SNA Character String) print emulation, supporting IBM-3287 and IBM-3812 devices through standard Telnet protocol. Supports direct, print-to-file and preview modes.
* File transfer: Supports file transfer ...

AtACC  v.2.8.1009

Direct Print Format SelectionThe following are the new features of atACC. Click on the below links to get a description of each.
1. Multi Unit Facility
2. Multi Rate Facility
3. Batch Creation Facility
4. Cost Center Creation Facility

3F Java Sticky Notes  v.0.9b

Direct Print note ;
5. Import-Export Notes;
6. Hidden - show your note;
7. Edit and format sticky notes(Color, Size, Font)
8. Create Sticky note from file (txt, sql o xml)
9. Auto system note backup
10. Lock and crypt notes

Print Wizard  v.3. 3. 1934

This is what Print Wizard does:

- it takes input from a PC spool directory, direct from disk or a third party program or from the network
- it outputs it to any printer or fax supported by Windows
- it sends it over email or forward ...

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