Filmfodral Unknown


Unknown Device Identifier  v.8.00

Identify unknown devices not recognized by Windows in your system especially after you reinstall your system and cannot figure out what all those yellow question mark labeled devices really are. Help you search for workable drivers on the Internet and ...

Unknown Devices  v.1.4.20 Beta

Unknown Devices helps you find what those unknown devices in Device Manager really are.
By checking Device Manager for unknown devices and extracting information from it, this software attempts to figure out what the device is. You might not have ...


Unknown Horizons  v.1.0

Unknown Horizons is a 2D realtime strategy simulation with an emphasis on economy and city building. Expand your small settlement to a strong and wealthy colony, collect taxes and supply your inhabitants with valuable goods. Increase your power with a ...

Rising Unknown Virus Detector  v.4.4

Rising Unknown Virus Detector is a small tool that will scan your system for suspicious files. It is a small tool that will scan your system for suspicious files.
How to use Rising Detector :
1. please click "Download" and save "RsDetect.exe" ...

Super Unknown  v.

Super Unknown is a radio show based out of Oregon that looks deep in to the paranormal and conspiracy theory world. Use this app to listen live, check up coming shows, call in with a click of a button, keep up on facebook and twitter, Listen to EVP's, ...

Unknown Tricks  v.

Strange and unknown tricks that you worth know.

Update 2.1:
--Computer tricks added
-- and many more

-Mobile Hidden Secret Codes
-Facebook Tricks
- Holi Festival (Indian Festival) colourful theme ...

Escape Towards The Unknown GPL  v.386.0.7.6

Escape Towards The Unknown is a graphic adventure (like Monkey's Island) written in C with SDL support.Main feature are: brand new user command language interface; support for digitalized dialogues in many languages.

The Dark Unknown  v.2.0

The Dark Unknown is an Ultima-style tile based RPG. It is written in JavaScript and runs on a web browser.

Unknown Attack  v.4.0

In this game you have to protect the territory of your artillery base from unidentified
attackers. As you progress, the pressure will grow as new species of invaders come at you. However, Allied boats, weapons and improvement
bonuses will help ...

Veronica Rivers: Portals to the  v.1 10

Explore the Portals to the Unknown with rescue pilot Veronica Rivers in this mysterious Hidden Object game! Uncover equipment and clues as you search the world for a missing team of geologists. Exciting mini-games challenge you to unlock the secret power ...

UnKnownDeviceIdentifier  v.5 2

Unknown Device Identifier enables you to identify the yellow question mark labeled Unknown Devices in Device Manager.

And reports you a detailed summary for the manufacturer name, OEM name, device type, device model and even the exact name of ...

PE Explorer

PE Explorer provides software engineers the necessary tools for disassembly and inspection of unknown binaries, modifying the properties of executable files and customizing and translating their resources. With PE Explorer, you can apply a professional ...

Journey To Planet X

This unknown world is called, Planet X.You must pilot a spaceship (saucer) through space in search for a planet that can support humanlife. This unknown world is called, Planet X.Journey To Planet X (JTPX) is an intense action game. There are over 20 ...


CallZap also allows you to block unknown and private callers.

Advanced Pegs

Its author is unknown. There are two types of it - English and Continental-European. The play starts on a field filled with chips though with at least one spare square. The goal of the play is to remove as many chips as possible. The chips come in two ...

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