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You Can Author File Scripts For Users 1.10D2  v.1.0

Tired of redoing the same file copies, deletes, renames in Window Explorer? Automate repetitious file management. Record in Windows Explorer as you copy, rename,
delete, open and/or zip files and folders.

The result is simple program, called ...

You Can Author File Scripts For Users  v.2.10C

You Can Author File Scripts For Users is an easy-to-use, strong file management automation software that will enble users with no training to easily create simple or complex scripts.You Can Author is a simple yet strong file management automation tool ...


Apple DOS File System (ADFS)  v.1.0a36

Mount ProDOS, DOS 3.3, Pascal, CP/M for drag and drop exchange with the FinderMount non-standard disks eg: Hybrid and 400K DOSAllow Drag & Drop of files/folders between images or to/from Finder.Get Info on file, show graphic Preview, or double click to ...

DOS batch file mode for Emacs  v.0.0.1

dosbat is a major mode for editing DOS batch files in Emacs. dosbatperforms syntax highlighting and will add features common to other Emacsmodes such as comment region, code templates, or other things peoplefind useful.

V - The File Viewer  v.12.0

A file viewer with a modern, easy to use interface. V is FAST, can handle large files with ease, and excels at viewing files in HEX mode. V is a perfect Windows replacement for LIST - the old DOS work horse. Features include ruler and line number display, ...

Undelete File Recovery

Kernel for Undelete is an efficient undelete file recovery tool for the recovery of deleted files which are lost due to accidental file deletion from the hard drive, files and folders emptied from recycle bin, files and folders deleted using shift + Del ...

Delete files by date range, file mask or number of days old Software  v.9.0

If you want to know how to delete files by date, date ranges, number of days old or more, then this software is for you! Using this file date software, you can: * Easily select a group of files or filenames recursively, by certain file mask, that you ...

Turbo File Uneraser  v.

Turbo File Uneraser is a data recovery program that will recover:
- Files and Folders emptied from the Recycle Bin.
- Files and Folders deleted from network drives
- Files and Folders deleted using DOS commands (via the command line).

Advanced File Manager  v.3 1

This file and disk management and reporting toolbox allows you to manage and monitor disk space on your network computers and servers. It indicates the size of each folder on your local, network and removable drives without clicking property pages. Advanced ...

Active@ UNERASER for DOS  v.3.0

How should we do? Do not worry about it! Restoration is a small utility that will scan our hard drive for all files that can be undeleted and attempt to salvage the file for us. Sounds like magic? It is not. We might not know it, but when we tell Windows ...

Abacre File Encryptor  v.1.0

You can compress files during encryption so the resulting file size will be even smaller to hold on your disk or transfer via Internet. The software has a built-in secure password generator. Using the text pad you may encrypt any text and then copy/paste ...

JR Split File  v.3.0

JR Split File is designed to turn your big files into smaller ones. It allows you to split a large file into CD sized segments and create a standard .bat file that can be used to reconstruct a copy of the original file.You can explicitly define the size ...

File Grabber  v.2.02

With this shell extension you can grab any info about a group of
Never open a DOS window to execute a dir *.* > dir.lst command to save file information again!!
Save not just the path and name but comments, title, author, subject etc. as well ...

DOS Delay  v.1.0

A DOS command that will execute a x milliseconds delay. This is a DOS command that will execute a delay. Useful in batch files (BAT/CMD).Features:
1. customizable
2. it doesn't need to be installed/uninstalled (just download the "exe" file and ...

JR Split File Pro  v.3.0

Advanced File Splitter, Split gigabyte file to fit on CD It allows you to split a large file into CD sized segments and create a standard .bat file that can be used to reconstruct a copy of the original file. You can explicitly define the size of FIRST ...

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