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Art Of Living  v.


New features include

• Photo gallery with latest pictures
• Photos can be saved and used as wallpapers
• Photo Sharing


• Live updates from Guru Ji, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
• Bangalore ...

Sri Annai Restaurant Billing System  v.1 1

Sri Annai Restaurant Billing System is a new generation of restaurant management software for Windows. It is a complete solution starting from taking orders from clients in producing, bills, bookings and closing bills with different payment options. User ...


Sri Navadvipa Dhama -Ocean of love  v.1 8

Sri Navadvipa Dham - Ocean of love. The enclosed map of Sri Gauda-mandala offers another dimension of involvement to the reader of this and other books about Sriman Mahaprabhu and His followers. The locations of many places were verifiable, but over time, ...

Sri Navadvipa Dhama (pdf)  v.1 8

Sri Navadvipa Dham. The enclosed map of Sri Gauda mandala offers another dimension of involvement to the reader of this and other books about Sriman Mahaprabhu and His followers. The locations of many places were verifiable, but over time, some places ...

Sri Isopanisad (Pdf)  v.1 8

Concealed for centuries in the Sanskrit language of India, Sri Isopanisad, the ancient spiritual lawbook of mankind, is here revealed in the first authorized English edition ever published. This masterwork of the long forgotten Vedic culture is here ...

Sri Gita Govinda (pdf)  v.1 8

Sri Gita Govinda is a jewel book brought by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Sri Jayadeva Gosvami has written this beautiful Gita Govinda, but without Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu it would have remained locked like a pearl in the oyster shell or a jewel in a locked ...

Sri Brhad-Bhagavatamrta (pdf)  v.1 8

The Story of parivrajaka, who refuses the comforts of a permanent residence and constantly wanders in search of the essence of life, and Narada Rsi whom searches for the foremost recipient of Sri Krsnas mercy, and approaches various exalted devotees and ...

Sri Siksastaka (pdf)  v.1 8

Issuing from the divine mouth of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the eight verses comprising this Sri Siksastaka shine as the supremely radiant transcendental jewel of the entirety of Indian literature. They are the very essence of all the Vedas, transcendental ...

True Conception of Sri Guru Tattva (pdf)  v.1 8

A compilation of essays which illuminate the subject of Sri Guru Tattva, the truth regarding the Spiritual Master, and glorifies Gaudiya Vaishnava siddhanta. By getting the favour of the most favoured, guidance of Gurudeva. In pursuit of our own happiness, ...

Sri Manah Siksa (pdf)  v.1 8

A collection of eleven verses which offer instructions to the mind by Srila Raghunatha Dasa, the eternal associate of Sri Gauranga, in concise manner he has surcharged these eleven verses with the teachings of Sri Gaurasundara, the prema, love, intoxicated ...

Tour SRI LANKA  v.

This will help the user to get good idea about Sri Lanka.Historic Places, Scenic Beauties are highlighted here.

Handy Chef - Sri Lanka  v.

Handy Chef - Sri Lanka, windows phone application is based on Sri Lankan cooking recipe, for everyone who interest Sri Lankan foods. Handy Chef will guide you to cook tasty food for yor day today meals.

Important Telephone Numbers in Sri Lanka  v.

This is very useful windows phone application for whom living in Sri Lanka. Easily find very important numbers when use for emergency reasons and also can directly dial the numbers form here quickly.

Sri Lanka Train Schedule  v.

Developed by Sachira Chinthana

This application can be used to get all the train schedules within given tarting point and destination in Sri Lanka.

This is the first application which was developed to provide train schedule details in ...

Waterfalls in Sri Lanka  v.

Waterfalls Sri Lanka, windows phone application, provides to you a portable guide for beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. You can know about brief introduction of that waterfalls and know how to reach that place.

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