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ITunes Music Library Export  v.2.2.2

Provides the ability to export playlists from an iTunes Music Library. Supports exporting playlists as m3u files. 1.x branch built using .NET. 2.x branch build using Flex (AIR) and Scala.

Playlist Export  v.1.0

An application that allows you to export playlists that you have defined in iTunes to a variety of playlist formats, including M3U, WPL, ZPL, and Centrafuse (MPL). This application simplifies listening to your music on 3rd party devices while still using ...


YamiPod  v.1.8

You can copy mp3 and AAC files to/from your iPod, import and export playlists, search for songs, remove duplicates, create and edit notes and much more. The software runs totally standalone and can be copied directly to your iPod and run from there.

ITunes Export  v.2. 2. 2002

iTunes Export allows you to export playlists using a variety of formats.

Mp3 File Editor  v.5 11

Mp3 file Editor enables you to export playlists to different formats, including DBF, TXT, HTML and M3I. The program's graphical interface is very attractive and intuitive and it supports many languages.

Free iTunes Library Manager  v.1.0

export playlists so that they point to files in a different location to those in your iTunes library. This is very useful when exporting playlists for use on portable devices other than iPod or for use on different computers.
- Ability to search ...

Flookey  v.1.04

You can also set bookmarks, boost selection by keyword, export playlists to .m3u format and more.


Import and export playlists in .pls, .m3u, .asx, .ram formats. Easy catch links from your browser.

Audio Catalog  v.4.4

If you're using third-party devices or players, Audio Catalog can export playlists to M3U or WPL files.

TagScanner  v.5.1.602

Playlist maker with ability to export playlists to HTML or Excel. Easy-to-use interface. Built-in player.

MP3 Rectifier  v.1.5

Additional features include exporting playlists and XML files, extracting embedded pictures and cover art, as well as retrieving song information from the MP3 file name using regular expressions.Among the many features of MP3 Rectifier are:Edit the ID3v2 ...

LongoMatch  v.0.16.4

Video editor to export playlists to new videos in various formats
14. Export plays to png images with a variable frame rate
15. Export projects to CSV files for statistics analysis
16. Support for the most common video formats
17. Multiplatform ...

Portable TagScanner  v.5.1.631

Playlist maker with ability to export playlists to HTML or Excel. Easy-to-use interface. Built-in player. The program can edit tags of several progressive audio formats, rename files based on the tag information, generate tag information from filenames.

YOWnow  v.2.0.9

You can also export playlists from SoundJam or iTunes and use YOW* to DJ the files. Yow* Digital Media Software. YOW* is a unique productive entity for creating software and services for digital artists. G audio manipulation environment is for live audio ...

DJ Library  v.1.0.6

Export playlists as HTML files. Disco XT - Professional DJ Software - Mac and Windows.

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