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Cook Recipe Book

Salt and pepper are mostly not listed on a shopping list Cook Recipe Book is the recipe software which is another kind of cooking with recipes: Import digital recipes, use 18 main categories for your recipes and much more!

Cooking Game- Cook Bread Pizza

You will use: 1 loaf of bread, 3 cheese slices, onion, basil leaves, capsium, oregano leaves, pepper powder, butter, tomato sauce. Visit if you like cooking games.


Cooking Game-Make Chicken Burger

You will need: 500 mgs minced chicken, black pepper, egg, bowl bread crumbs, lettuce leaves, mayonnaise, mustard sauce, tomato ketchup, 1-2 rings of sliced onions, big size burger buns, salt. Imagine yourself being a chef with this cooking game. You ...

Underwater Racing  v.1.0

Two fish take part in the underwater racing, choose the one to rule and go! Collect bonuses (round brings points, hot pepper is acceleration).

Avoid clashing with different obstacles (stalactites, shark, turtle, and sea-horse); in case you ...

Allassist.exe  v.1.0

Boil the whole till
the vegetables are tender, flavour with pepper and salt. This is sometimes
called Cornish broth, though in Cornwall a piece of meat or bones aregenerally boiled with the vegetables ...

Burgerama (Pocket PC)  v.1.00

There are different game objects, like drinks, pepper shakers, french fries, ice cream and burgers, of course. Your objective is to arrange them in a certain formation that is displayed in the lower right corner. When you form your order correctly, the ...

Paneer_Jalfraezi  v.

Its a delightful combination crunchy onions and pepper, along with paneer and tomatoes.

Peruvian iCuisine  v.

List of recipes:

Ají de Gallina | Chili pepper chicken
Anticuchos | Grilled Beef Heart
Arroz con pollo | Rice with chicken
Arroz Tapado | Covered rice
Calamar frito | Fried squid
Cau cau | Creole cau cau
Causa ...

Top Seller on eBay  v.

Discover How You Can Become a Top Seller on eBay!

Did you know that you can find nearly anything and everything that you would want to purchase on eBay?

From used cars to a pepper grinder made from a stuffed raccoon—eBay has become ...

ImageSkill Magic Denoiser Demo  v.1 5

To remove this 'impulse noise' (also known as 'salt and pepper'), you can define the size of these speckles for more accurate results.

Its well-structured interface together with its simple functionality allow you to perform any noise reduction ...

Home Security Systems  v.

Here is just a sneak peak at what you’ll learn in The Supreme Guide To Home Security Systems:

★ Why Need a Home Security System?

★ Defining the Needs of Home Security

★ How to Safeguard Your Home & Stay Safe

★ Finding the Right Home Security System

★ Setting Up Your Home Security Checklist

★ Facts in Home Security

★ Taking Action in Home Security

★ The Innovative Solutions in Home Security

★ How to decide if Mace and/or Pepper Spray are for you?

★ ...

Shaker  v.

"Shaker" (c)2012 Scott A Pepper, developed by Scott A Pepper (

For any additional features that you feel should be included in this application. Please email scott (at) ...

Iron Man Icons  v.2013.1

Icon set contains: Gold Iron Man Mask, Silver Iron Man Mask, Old Iron Man Mask, Reactor, Pepper Potts, Tony Stark icons.

Iron Man Icons delivers professionally created icons which will ensure a great look for any Project Glass related application ...

Flipbook_Themes_Package_Classical_Simple  v.1.0

Simple living! Simple loving! Simple reading flipping book like reading visual book! In Classical Simple Theme package, sign drawing with light blue, bubble soaring into the skies, red box, red pepper, and flowing texture as background images, to design ...

Magic Inpainter 64bit  v.

The second inpainting approach is good for small defects - spots, points, lines, pepper noise. Both methods can be combined and used for clearing and restoration of corrupt images, remove of text and removal of big objects (the last is not possible when ...

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