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My Network Speed  v.1.30

My Network Speed is a simple, easy-to-use and handy application that is able to monitor your network card. The program will display the download and upload speed in a tiny window on your computer desktop. The user can change the layout of the main window ...

Network Speed Test  v.

Network Speed Test helps you in testing the speed of the internet connection in your phone. It utilizes various servers accros global location to test your internet speed. If you are afraid of your data charges you can change the settings to use Low Speed ...


Network Speed Monitor  v.1.0

Network Speed Monitor display the current network speed in status bar, including the downloading and uploading data.When your computer connected the network, you can see the current network speed with Network Speed Monitor.

Magican Monitor  v.1.1.0

Download and upload speed displays in the float window. Users can check memory, disk, CPU, sensor and battery information both in graph and data and drag each item's position at will. Just snap some item to throw out helps to cancel showing out.

The ...

NetSpeedMonitor  v.

NetSpeedMonitor is a network speed monitoring tool. This isn't a standalone application. It installs a toolbar that you can attach to the toolbar area of your start menu. There it will display the speed at which your system is sending and receiving data.

Router Manager  v.1 2

In a relatively large local area network, there are usually multiple regular routers, wireless routers, wireless APs and switches. After a period of continuous running, there could be slowing down of network speed or even no-response failures. These require ...

NetPeeker Personal Edition  v.3.41

NetPeeker is a network monitor and control tool for personal Internet user.

By revealing all applications accessing network and their connections, showing speed in real time, you can find more hidden information about your network.

The ...

Romanysoft Speed19X for Windows  v.6.7.1

Now check your internet spee Use Romanysoft Speed19X to test the speed accurately.

Main Features

Best server location, sampling testing and feedback the ping response time.
Sampling inspection network download bandwidth speed
Sampling ...

Latency Optimizer  v.3.0

In many cases high latency is caused by the lack of periodical operating system services, and by improperly configured internet, registry and network device settings. Latency Optimizer offers you various tools to boost your PC and internet connection!

Three ...

Bandwidth Management and Firewall  v.3.5.1

BMF is tool for network administrators who needs to have central control over traffic shaping, amount of transferred data and security in company network. It contains stateful firewall for mostly used internet protocols. It is suitable tool for internet ...


LANView is a tools collection for network administrators, that combines several network diagnostics and monitoring tools into a single interface. It includes a network sniffer (with filtering), and adapter traffic display as well as some other (basic) ...

1-Click PC Tuneup  v.

1-Click PC Tuneup has many wonderful features: Registry Cleaner to Clean up registry errors and prevent system freeze and crash; Registry Optimizer to remove unnecessary and useless registry entries; Junk Files Cleaner to scan and remove junk files from ...

Emsa Bandwidth Monitor  v.1.0.44

Emsa Bandwidth Monitor is program that allows monitoring your internet connection speed, total traffic, average download/upload speed, etc. It is very simple to use; runs as system tray icon and shows a small, transparent-able, repositionable window that ...

Magican  v.1.4.8

Enable displaying Fan speed in floating window even if Fan Control closed
4. Fixed network speed display bug in Firewall part
5. Other bugs fixed

What can Magican do for you? It enables you to carry out several basic operations in a ...

ISP Monitor  v.

The built-in Traffic Monitor will show your current network speed. Just select from 3 different graphic modes, all customizable to fit your needs.
The built-in DDE support allows other software like mIRC to read data from ISP Monitor.

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