Employee Information Script


HRAssistant Lite  v.2.83

It is very important to keep your employee information organized and easily accessible. It should work well for the human resources information storage and organization needs of any type of business. HRAssistant is human resource management system designed ...

Instant HR Software  v.3.0

Manage private employee information such as compensation, certifications, education, training, reviews, documentation, EEO reporting, and succession planning. Accurately answer employee benefit inquiries with easy access to health insurance, life insurance, ...


Badge Maker  v.1 2

Save employee information into a database 2. Store employee photos into a database ...

ABS Staff Files  v.8.0

Staff Files provides a way to manage employee information. It offers quick-tab navigation system you can track all types of personnel information. Enter current and historical wages and benefits enrollment, plus track time accruals for each employee such ...

Payroll Program  v.

Company offers best payroll program helps to improve overall details of employee information, training details, meeting scheduled, shift or employee leaves details, stock process records ,tax details and business profit or loss details easily download ...

Personnel Folders

Personnel Folders manages employee information and time off schedules and benefits. This includes vacation schedules, sick days, personal time off, out-of-office schedules, holidays, and other events. Multiple calendar views provide a variety of ways ...


XTimeCard allows the user to:

Enter and edit employee information Enter and edit overtime and timesheet information ...

Badge Maker CLient 2008

Save company information 2. Save employee information
into a database 3. Store employee photos into a database 4. Reteive identification information at anytime. 5. Print a
single, multiple or all employees stored in the database 6. Easy to ...

Business Planner

Quickly and easily create business plans, defines short term and long term objectives, Employee Information,
Business Perspective, and business purpose.

Faces ( Editor )  v.1.0.3

Tired of beeing bound to the Intranet for employee information? Finding yourself without the proper phone number(s) or addresses? Hate when you don't know who you are talking to??? This might be the answer to your prayers!
Faces editor:
Customize ...

HRmgr  v.4. 12. 2005

The data that can be stored in the database covers a large range of useful employee information. Along with their name and address you can also list such information as SSN, NI, SIN, date of birth, supervisor, job title, and many more crucial pieces ...

ActiveSignature  v.4.40.0101

Employee information are retrieved from e.g. Microsoft Active Directory.
By using ACTIVESIGNATURE, you can set the standard for the company's official email signatures fast and easy and add disclaimers, logo, and marketing messages to all outbound ...

Employees  v.

This app loads Employee information from server in XML format. Selected Employee's details will be shown in a new Employee Page .You can call, send SMS or Email messages to selected Employee.

Personal Records  v.13.0.1

By buying a license for the "personal file" referred to the following benefits: -We will look for an employee data Quickly -Quickly enter employee information such as age, address data, permissions, experience professional, skolenia etc. -Assign the employee ...

OrgCharter  v.1.0

A PHP/MySQL based system to create organisation charts with detailed employee information and photographs. Skills and other information can be added as well. The organisation chart can also be printed as PDF. The orgcharts are navigable.

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