Ebook Advanced Bash Scripting Guide


Advanced Bash Scripting Guide  v.3 7

Complete ebook tutorial and reference on shell scripting with Bash in Linux/UNIX/BSD. This is the equivalent of a 672-page printed book. It is an official Linux Documentation Project (http://www.tldp.org) Guide.

Free Bets Online Ebook  v.1 2

Free Bets Online Ebook - a quick reference guide explaining the three main types of online bookmaker free bets, and how to use them to make profit when betting with online bookmakers.


NnCron  v.12

nnCron is an advanced scheduler, scripting tool and automation manager. Besides possessing the traditional scheduler features (starting programs, displaying reminder messages and opening documents at specified time), nnCron also can: - start any program ...

IDAutomation Barcode Label Pro Software  v.8.15

This is an advanced WYSIWYG barcode label design printing software that supports Linear, GS1-DataBar, Composite and 2D barcodes including PDF417, DataMatrix ECC200, Aztec and QR-Code. Supports advanced VB Scripting capabilities and connectivity to comma ...

Flight Commander  v.1 6

For the more advanced missions, scripting is done with the user-friendly but powerful lua scripting language. All scripting commands are well documented, and many examples are included for a variety of missions.

Natural Color Pro  v.1.0.0005

It's very quick and easy to use since the settings interface, both in the basic mode as in the advanced mode, will guide you in settings-and-verification quick steps to get the best settings for your screen. You can change aspects like brightness, ...

Southern Lights  v.3.0.1

* Advanced color scripting abilities built in.
* Visual feedback of how your display message will look.
* Vast amount of information variables available for your display message.
* Up to 1,000 custom color patterns can be created ...

DIMIN Viewer  v.5.2.5 Build 140

It also features multi language interface to feel yourself at home!
* Really cool modern user interface naturally blending with Windows XP and Windows Vista;
* Supports many image formats, including popular such as: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG-2000, also supports many Digital Cameras RAW formats and provides RAW image size guessing function;
* Supports reading/writing video files (ffmpeg plug-in), such as: AVI, WMV, QuickTime, Flash, MPEG 1/2/4, DV, Matroska, Motion JPEG, Motion JPEG-2000, OGG;
* Advanced Metadata support, ...

IDAutomation RFID Label Software  v.2009

Supports advanced VB Scripting capabilities and connectivity to comma delimited text, CSV, Excel, Access, SQL Server, ODBC and Oracle databases. Accurately prints ANSI and ISO compliant barcodes to labels on any graphics printer, including thermal printers.

Item Generator  v.5.3

It incorporates rules from the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, Game Mastery Guide, Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate Magic, and the Inner Sea W ...

Advanced eBook Inscriber  v.

Advanced eBook Inscriber is a simple tool to inscribe .LIT (Microsoft Reader) e-books easily and effectively. The added text is typically the name of the person the book is intended to, and will appear in the presentation page of the e-book, together ...

Advanced eBook Explorer  v.

A program to keep your eBooks collection (for Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader) in order. For all eBooks you own, it shows detailed information such as file name and size, book ID (e.g. ISBN), title, author, publisher, category, and number of pages. Besides, ...

Algebra 1 Study Guide eBook  v.1.0

A study guide showing what you need to know for Algebra 1 tests.

Affiliate Marketing Guide Ebook  v.1.0

Affiliate marketing is one of the most prevalent methods of earning money on the internet. Affiliate Marketing was pioneered by Amazon in the mid 90s and was a widely successful program. Prior to the birth of Affiliate Marketing the main method for earning ...

Begginers guide to making Flash/JS games

Want to make your own Flash or JavaScript games quickly and easily?

This eBook is a beginner's guide to creating games with Flash and JavaScript. The eBook has three sections based on articles from Game Innovator.

All the content in ...

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