Easy Fraction Practice


XP Studio  v.0.5.8

The goal of XP Studio is to create a complete software development environment in which it is easy to practice eXtreme Programming (XP) or other Agile software development methodologies.

Bumper Deluxe  v.1. 9. 2009

Bumper Deluxe, developed by Funkitron, is a sort of puzzle game with an original concept that is both easy to play, and entertaining.

The goal of the game is to form lines of the same color without filling the whole grid.

The thing ...


SudokuWorld  v.

Although it sounds easy, in practice it is a game that requires a lot of concentration, plus a bit of logic, being a good exercise to keep our brain healthy.
The game's interface is really well designed, with simple graphics and soft colors, with ...

Desktop Taipei  v.2 2

Even though it seems easy, in practice this game implies a real challenge. Not only do you need to match identical pieces but also look for the best movement, to avoid getting blocked and run out of movements. In the menu or tool bar you will find ...

Atomic Minesweeper  v.1.0

Don't think that it is very easy - some practice will be of great use for you. You needn't open the squares at once - flag those that might hide atoms inside. Don't hurry and stay alive! Spend some hours of real entertainment! Free to play.
This ...

FRS Fraction Master  v.2 1

FRS Fraction Master is an easy to use drill and practice program to help students in learning to identify and understand fractions. Practice modes include identifying, reducing, adding, subtracting, and estimating fractions. FRS Fraction Master can be ...

Decimal to Fraction  v.1 3

Decimal to Fraction is easy to use. Just enter a decimal value in the windows form or use the custom Excel function. Works with Excel 2000 2002 2003 2007.

Easy TimeBill  v.3.0

Easy TimeBill is legal time and billing software designed for attorneys who want to manage their entire practice billing, invoicing and collections effortlessly. Create professional invoices and reminder letters that are fully customizable. And that's ...

SemSim 640-801 CCNA Practice Exams  v.11.2.1

An easy-to-use, affordable practice and learning tool to make sure you pass your CCNA exam OCo we guarantee it.SemSim 640-801 CCNA Practice Exams comes with 5 realistic CCNA exams and hundreds of practice questions to drill and practice with all exam ...

Practice Records Manager Network Trial  v.3 8

Practice records management system for healthcare professionals. A clinical records management system designed for use by healthcare professionals.

Main features:

- a compact client/patient details database;
- a simplified ...

Easy File Splitter  v.1.0

Easy File Splitter is a very handy yet powerful tool that can help you split any file or document easily. You can split any file into multiple files of the same size. The program can split any file by bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes or text files ...

Easy Accounts Pro  v.1.0

The World's Easiest Accounting Software, Easy Accounts Pro helps you in Three Easy Steps to produce your accounts. Understand at any point in time the turnover, margins, and Profitability of Your Business. No need for an accountant to produce your accounts.

Practice lsats 2  v.1 1

With the information in this guide you can find information about practice lsats. You will be on your way in no time. Once you read this information you will have a better idea of how easy it can be to find practice lsats. For more information visit our ...

Easy Photo Mosaic Maker  v.12

To learn more about the way Easy Mosaic works, outside what is explained here, or just to see how things work in practice, it is a really good idea. The advantage of easy mosaic is that you can get a good quality mosaic without professonal skills. Well, ...

Guitar Practice  v.2.0

Guitar Practice is an free and easy-to-use solution for slow down or speed up your favourite mp3 files in realtime. This comes in nice when you want to learn an instrument like the guitar by using backing tracks to play along. Perfect for bass also!Guitar ...

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