Easy Batch Builder


Easy Batch Builder  v.2.1

This software creates DOS batch files. For beginners, there are simple routines for adding various commands to the batch file, whereas the more advanced user can make use of fingertip access to command templates and file paths while typing their batch ...

Easy Batch Watermark  v.3 56

Easy Batch Watermark allows you to add image watermarks, text watermarks, or both, to your pictures. You can add watermarks one by one, or even add the same watermark to multiple images at the same time. In the case of text watermarks, you can type whatever ...


Really Easy Website Builder  v.0.1

Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Build Your Own Professional Looking Websites, Even If You Know Absolutely Nothing About HTML Or Web Design.

Our powerful software will fully automate the building of your website - and even upload it to your ...

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder  v.1.5.2000

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder is not an HTML editor, but an HTML generator! You can visually (WYSIWYG) create your websites by using drag & drop. Place objects (Text, Lines, Images, Shapes, Slideshows, Galleries, Forms etc) anywhere on the page (pixel perfect ...

Easy Applet Builder  v.1. 6. 2001

With this visual tool you will add easily 70 various Java applets to your Web site, without the knowledge of HTML or Java programming.
These fully customizable applets provide graphics, sounds and texts effects, image processing, tools, chat, small ...

Easy Flashlet Builder  v.1.0

With this visual tool you will create easily various Flash animations to make your site more powerful, without the knowledge of HTML or Flash programming. These fully customizable Flash animations provide graphics, sounds and texts effects, small games.

Vivienne Balonwu Form Builder  v.1.0

Vivienne Balonwu Easy Form Builder. Quickly build a form that allows visitors to submit information to you, create your own one that has all the fields that you require - setup an unlmited number and you can make it so they are validated (have to be filled ...

Batch Text To PDF  v.1.1

PDF conversion made easy. Batch Text To PDF offer you a user friendly tool for text to PDF conversion.
Users will already be familiar with our Microsoft 2010 Office layout. Our software offers time saving batch file processing for handling large numbers ...

Replace and Rename

Replace and Rename allows you to perform both file renaming AND text replacing in one easy batch file from one "keyword" import file. The software works with files from directories and subdirectories. All you need is to select a directory (or directories) ...

ImageWorx  v.1 1

ImageWorx is a simple application for quick and easy batch picture editing. It includes a range of really useful tools.

Its interface consists of only one tiny window that contains all the required editing preferences. Its main functional element ...

BatchDGpulldown  v.3 6

A front end for DGPulldown that allows for easy batch processing. It will convert elementary video streams (m2v) 23.976 to 29.97, PAL to NTSC(29.97), 23.976-NTSC to PAL, and custom conversions.
App has now been re-written in C so no more requirement ...

POS PhotoResizer  v.1 2

POS PhotoResizer is an image converter and renaming tool that intends to enable you to convert, rename, resize to images in a quick and easy batch mode. This program supports many file formats (JPG/BMP/GIF/PNG/TIF...), support folder/non-folder structure ...

WebSmartz  v.3.0

WebSmartz is an easy website builder with multimedia software technology that can add the extra punch to your business website, product demo, or presentation. You can create slick customized Flash intro/website templates with effortless ease.

Audio Studio 6-Pak  v.2 7

Edit - audio format files fast and easy.
Batch Transform - hundreds of audio files to a different format - add effects, filters and tags all at the same time too!
Record - from any supported source directly to MP3.
Rip - CD tracks directly ...

Easy Web Site Builder

Easy Web Site Builder allows you to create and manage interactive SEO Niche sites where you can have articles, tips, jokes, pictures/images, audio, video and games, as well as have ratings and comments by site visitors, and a lot more.

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