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Functional Ear Trainer - Basic  v.1 2

Functional Ear Trainer - Basic is a simple, yet powerful ear training application to help you unlock your inner ear. Its concept is different from traditional ear training programs that let you guess intervals or pretend to teach you perfect pitch.

Guitar and Bass Ear Trainer

Play-along ear-training course for guitar, bass, and other fretboard instrument players. Learn to play effortlessly by ear. Develop the ability of playing whatever is in your mind without hesitation and without mistakes. Improve your improvisation skills.


Personal Ear Trainer  v.1 10

Ear Training for musicians: Intervals, Triads, Chords, Scales, Melody, Rhythm.
Accelerate your musical development, hone your skills, take your playing to the next level. Work by yourself at your own pace, using your computer as an instructor. Good ...

ListeningEarTrainer  v.1.16

Listening Ear Trainer offers two systematic methods to improve your pitch recognition skills. The first method The Singing Funnel Method presents you randomly notes that you have selected for the exercise. Your task is to sing the notes with increasing ...

Absolute Pitch  v.2.30

Ear training music app and virtual piano to help you learn perfect pitch, test your aural note recognition and be a better musician.

Absolute Pitch is a musical ear trainer that uses a unique method to teach you absolute or perfect pitch. This ...

EarMaster Essential  v.

The world's best-selling ear training software for Windows and Mac, developed together with 29 music teachers, and available in 23 languages. Covering pitch and rhythm training, music theory and solfege, EarMaster is a complete and powerful ear trainer ...

Guitar Freak Workstation and SightReader  v.4.0.6

Continually being updated with new features and free upgrades for every customer!
* You will learn to Solo over chord progressions (you can create your own) and in any key (a feature that you can?t with even band in-a-box!)
* Learn how to play every chord in 15 different positions and the choice of scales for that chord as they surround each shape
* Use the real world ear trainer to super charge ...

Phrase Trainer

The SPT-667 Phrase Trainer makes learning riffs by ear really simple. Say you want to copy a guitar solo. The Phrase Trainer lets you load song (wav,mp3,wma etc...) slow down the playback speed to as little as 50% (or double-speed,why not?)of the original ...

NDN Backprop NeuralNet Trainer  v.1.0

NDN Backprop Neural Net Trainer implements the backpropagation functionality subset of the open source NeuronDotNet object library in a generic user friendly application.NDN Backprop NeuralNet Trainer Features:
1. Trains backpropagation neural networks.

MusicGoals by Eye and Ear

ear training, sight reading, and music theory applied to piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, and bass - MusicGoals offers study, practice, and testing to improve skills, gain knowledge of instruments and music theory, and train the musical ear. This ...

Ear and Memory Training

Musical Memory Game: To have a good ear is the ability to [re]cognize sounds. This is why "Ear and Memory Training" offers a second activity called "Musical Memory Game", freely inspired by the game "Simon Says".

Open Ports Scanner  v.2.44

This system utility monitors open TCP and UDP ports, connections and software applications that open these connections. It brings you an enhanced functionality of a similar tool that comes with Windows operating system: netstat. Open Ports Scanner in ...

Mofiki's Eve Online Skill Trainer

Mofiki's Eve Online Skill Trainer Trial is fully functional for all learning skills. It will change your skills while you are at work, school, sleeping or just not near a computer. For all new characters the Trial will function as if it was a full version.

Hide All Open Windows Software

Make specified open programs invisible.

Open SQL Database  v.4.10

SQL Recovery Tool can be used to read SQL files, open SQL files and for accessing those recovered MDF files without any problem. Now, you can directly extract all databases in SQL server 2000, 2005 and 2008. You can merely and by far repair SQL database ...

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