E75 Remote Drives


Dupe File Finder 15% discount version

Dupe File Finder (D2F) is used to find and delete the duplicate files on your
local and remote drives (via the mapped network drives), so as to recover your valuable
disk space.You only need to choose the destination path(s) and press
F3, ...

Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server  v.

With Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server (AKA ThinRDP), users can access all of their Windows programs, documents, files, and network resources through their preferred device PC, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, ChromeBook, using an HTML5 capable browser.


ThinRDP Server  v.2.2

* ThinRDP Highlights *

- Gets access to applications and desktops running on Windows Terminal Services
- Allows users to remotely connect to RDS/VDI platforms, like virtual desktops or apps
- Allows companies to publish their Windows applications to the Web
- Works with all HTML5-compliant web browser
- Supports Remote Printing
- ...

GetDataBack for NTFS  v.4 25

Remote drives on a different computer could also be accessed by using HDHost program. It can be downloaded free form the developer website. The scanning is really fast compared to other data recovery programs.

This program doesn't have full ...

Fast System Washer  v.3.0.3

Fast System & Internet Washer allows you to define custom clean folders that contain unused files on the local computer or remote servers. Allows to shedule Windows clean and more..

Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer and ...

GiPo@FileUtilities  v.2.9

GiPo@Mount - local folders substitution and local/remote drives mounting. GiPo@ReadTest - checking files and folders for read errors. Utilities can be integrated into shell. GiPo@MoveOnBoot. Copies, moves or deletes files on the next system boot. The ...

Hide Server Drives

This tool enables the Terminal Services (TSE) or Citrix administrator to hide the server disk drives when users open a remote session. Hide Server Drives program does more than just hiding the TS server drives! It also hides all of the root folders and ...

TSplus Hide Server Drives  v.3 3

TSplus Hide Server Drives tool enables the Terminal Services (TSE) or Citrix administrator to easily hide the server disk drives when users open a remote session. TSplus Hide Server Drives does more than just hide the TS server drives. It also hides all ...

Remote USB Disabler  v.2.0

Remote USB Disabler easily enable or disable USB drives on your network systems. It is easy to lock a machine down, disable the floppy, and cdrom in the bios. Many times when you try to disable USB - it disables it entirely. This can be a real pain on ...

Remote Files Server

Remote Files Server is special Windows software that provides simultaneous access to shared files on a server computer from different computers in your local network and from the Internet. It gives you the following advantages. 1. It runs well on both ...

WinTAR-Remote  v.2 2

It supports backup on floppy diskette, on TAR files, and over TCP/IP to a remote tape drive on a Unix workstation. For SCSI tape drives support on a PC, WinTAR-SCSI is the solution for you.

Remote Backup Magic  v.4.2

Keeping a copy of your most important files in a remote location is the only way to be sure that you can retrieve them in the event of theft, fire or other unexpected event.

It's easy! Simply drag your files or folders into the ...

Lepide Remote Admin  v.12.08.01

Lepide Remote Admin is a free tool and is highly useful for large organizations to manage multiple desktops spread across a network. With this tool, the administrators get complete access to any number of systems remotely. It lets admin view event logs ...

WinLock Remote Administrator

Remote Administrator helps quickly configure remote WinLock clients, lock remote workstations, and apply security profiles by means of easy-to-use interface.

Zilab Remote Console Server

Zilab Remote Console Server, as its name implies, is an advanced and convenient remote access server for Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT that works with console-based and DOS legacy applications. It runs as a regular network service for Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT ...

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