Double Elimination Bracket Logic


NOHO Tournament Manager  v.2.0

The NOHO Tournament Manager can help you manager your single and double elimination tournaments for up to 128 teams or players. Features include optional randomization of players, automatic assignment of byes, highlighted matches, location assignment, ...

Round Robin Scheduler  v.

Some of the features you will find in this version of the program include:Internet integration
Customizable website generation based on project data
Customizable report generation with scripting support (using industry standard scripting languages like JavaScript or VBScript)
Practice scheduling
Official scheduling
Single-Elimination Tournament ...


All-Pro Software Tournament Scheduler  v.5.0.0021

With All-Pro Software Tournament Scheduler you can create tournament charts and schedules for single elimination, double elimination, Pool Play, Round-Robin, and Consolation. Add teams or players, available locations, and seed your tournament. You can ...

MatchMaker Scheduler for Windows  v.4. 1. 1947

MatchMaker Schedule Maker is a powerful, simple-to-use league scheduling and tournament bracket scheduler application designed to provide schedule makers with the capability to schedule and keep track of all their leagues and tournaments. Whether you ...

Spheres 2000 Pro  v.2.0

Spheres 2000 Pro is a challenging word logic game with attractive graphics and animation. The object of this game is to find the hidden word through process of elimination and logic. There are 3 modes available in this game: Single Player, Two Players, ...

Tourney Master

Tourney Master 3 is an All-in-One tournament management software. It can be used to setup any type of event, with any number of teams, players and playing locations. Create complex schedules with user-friendly interface. View, print or export tournament ...

Advanced Team Scheduler  v.7. 5. 2001

Uses a constraint logic programming algorithm (modified canonical pattern) by mathematician Dominic de Werra as a schedule basis, prior to any hard constraint adjustments.
Support for single or multiple round robin schedules, custom, single or ...

ALJ Tournament Maker  v.

It will be easy for you to run any tournament which requires single or double elimination rounds. The program has the ability to create and run 4 to 256 player brackets from the beginning to end. All the participants in the tournament are ...

DerbyMaster  v.7 1

Main features:

-Cub Scouts, AWANA's, Royal Rangers, Royal Ambassadors, and is customizable for any organizations
-Car Registration
-Support for 1 to 24 Lanes
-Race Scheduling - Standard (Stearns Method), Single Elimination, Double Elimination, ...

Tournament Time  v.14.06.041

Main Features:
- 12 schedule report formats
- All reports displayed in WYSIWYG format
- Reports can be printed in landscape mode, as PDF files or in web-ready HTML
- Supports up to 547 teams in a division with pool play, 256 teams in the elimination bracket, and ...

Team Sports Scheduling System  v.

It includes multi-division scheduling, prioritized field usage, prioritized day and time usage, field sharing, automatic schedule generation, fully customizable project Web site creation and publishing, standings support, sophisticated conflict resolution for rescheduling games, single and double elimination and ...

Virtual Pool 4 Online  v.

Tournaments are single or double elimination and run continuously. Some have handicapping or are player skill rating restricted so there is good competition for all levels of players from novice to champion! All tournament pay out in virtual currency.

Every Day Genius Square Logic  v.

Everyday Genius: SquareLogic is similar to number-based logic games such as Sudoku, but you'd best buckle up 'cause this isn't your daddy's Sudoku. It is a logic-based puzzle game involving colored cages and numbers. The game includes over 20,000 puzzles ...

Elimination  v.2.0

Elimination is six educational/logic puzzles in one game of various levels. The goal is to get rid of tiles by forming forming words, math equations, card runs, or matching blocks. Tiles contain letters, numbers, cards or colored blocks. This is a unique ...

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design (DHex)

DHex is a software tool that is made to demonstrate the chemical design calculations of Double Pipe (hairpin) Heat Exchangers.The software will do all the thermal calculations involved in the design and will generate a summary of all results.List of some ...

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