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Dora the Explorer at Mastermind

Dora the Explorer is a bilingual seven year old with an appetite for adventure. With Diego and other friends at her side, Dora the Explorer is ready for anything! Building on the phenomenal success of the Dora the Explorer television show, Dora the Explorer ...

Dora the Explorer: Swiper's Big  v.32.0

Dora the Explorer: Swiper's Big Adventure is a fun game for kids.In this game Baby Fox is lost and Swiper wants to help him get back home.You can collect stars along the way and be careful to avoid the crows, spiders, and bats, and you will have to get ...


Dora the Explorer 3D Pyramid Adventure  v.1.0

Dora the Explorer Pyramid Adventure is a great 3D game for kids. Players can choose among three levels of difficulty ( Easy, Medium and Hard) depending on their age and skills.
The aim of this game is to help Dora find the golden key to get to the ...

Dora the Explorer La Casa de Dora  v.

Have a play date with Dora in La Casa de Dora. Play with Dora and her cousins as you explore Dora's house and discover games and surprises in every room. Open the door to 8 exciting games and find fun in 5 rooms with math, music, Spanish language and ...

Piri the Explorer Ship  v.

Piri the Explorer Ship is an interactive 3D game, that places you on the great Turkish cartographer Piri Reis' 1513 world map to explore the multinational and multicultural entity of the 16th century via starting a quest for the secrets behind the map.

Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy  v.1.0

All voices and texts in English !The first masterpiece of Benoit Sokal's adventure gameTHE ADVENTUREBefore dying, the explorer Emile Valembois tells you about the most amazing expedition of his career. This expedition was ded ...

Dora's First Trip ScreenSaver  v.1.0

Dora's First Trip ScreenSaver is a nice screensaver for kids that shows images of the cartoon 'Dora the explorer'. The screensaver shows images of Dora and her friends doing different activities during their first trip. One of the activities is driving ...

Images Recovery  v.2.0

Perfect Images Recovery Software is the adept images recovery utility, which specially designed to retrieve lost images easily and instantly. This images retrieval program can smoothly resotre Windows images from recycle bin folder or deleted images using ...

Extract Images from a PDF  v.

Looking for a way to extract all the stored images from Acrobat pdf document without using manual copy paste for large pdf document? Don’t panic; use AWinware Pdf Image Extractor software to quickly save TIFF, BMP & JPG images. AWinware Pdf Image Extractor ...

Explorer for Microsoft Excel  v.3.0

The Explorer works like the Microsoft Excel Task pane and displays your workbooks, sheets and data in a visually organized tree-view catalog. You can comfortably navigate between worksheets, drag sheets through workbooks, sort, rename, copy, delete them.

Xteq Explorer LaunchPad  v.

Explorer LaunchPad is an extension for the Windows Explorer. Instead of opening the Explorer and moving through the directories until you have the directory you would like to see, use this program to make it much more easier.

Simply add an ...

Dora's Carnival 2 - Boardwalk  v.3 2

Play seaside games with Dora. The sequel to the hit game Dora's Carnival Adventure. Go on a boardwalk adventure with Dora and friends. Play ten different boardwalk-themed games and win tickets to earn prizes in this carnival-style adventure.

In The Depth Screensaver  v.1.0

The amazing images of this screensaver display the secrets of underwater life.
Deep under the sea is hidden an enormous treasure of sea creatures and a beautiful life. This eye-candy screensaver brings this enormous treasure and beauty of the sea ...

The Kinemorphic 3D Screen Saver  v.2005.0522

The Kinemorphic 3D Screen Saver will animate an endless variety of spectacular 3D patterns and images. As the 3D patterns animate on your screen, the objects, images, lighting, and colors will move through, around, and on top of each other. Kinemorphics ...

Explorer Restart  v.1.3

Explorer Restart A simple utility made in the batch, which restarts the explorer.exe process, remembering that he is completely open. Restart your Explorer fast and easy.Explorer Restart Features:
1. Simple utility
2. Open source
3. No need ...

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