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Portable System Information Viewer  v.4.35

System Information Viewer is a small but powerful application that displays information regarding your computer's hardware and software. It basically offers you access to fully change the Windows behavior, according to your preferences. Once you have ...

EliSims  v.2 20

It displays information about each family member and also gives the possibility to modify their personality and skills. You may edit any of your neighbourhoods and you will be asked for approval before saving the neighbourhood data.

This program ...


NetworkProcMonitor  v.1.3.4

The Network Process Monitor displays information associated with each process running on local or remote computer. You must have administrative privileges on the remote network computer. All the mentioned features are provided with a user friendly graphical ...

Stat 'n' Perf

This application monitors your internet connection and displays information about sent and received bytes. It features:

Instantaneous transfer rate and history with a graphic
Sent and received bytes for the current day
Sent and received ...

LCDC  v.

LCDC is an application that displays information on your LCD or VFD screen. At present it is geared towards powering the Matrix Orbital products as these have some great features like GPO (General purpose outputs, that can be use to turn things on and ...

HartMonitor v.1.0  v.1.0

The program finds the device connected to the Hart-network and displays information about them. The same program displays four dynamic parameters for each of the devices.
The program is designed for dynamic viewing of parameters of various secondary ...

Cities of Earth 3D Screensaver v.  v.2 1

It also displays information about the cities including their countries, the number of inhabitants, and the time in their time zones. It also represents the time in your time zone in the lower right corner of the screen. From the settings menu in the ...

ColorFOff  v.1.0

It displays information about the color you select.ColorFOff Features:
* Hot Key Added Ctrl + Alt + C to get mouse pointer position color ...

X-NetStat Pro  v.5.59

X-NetStat Pro displays information on your Internet or network connection in real time. These connections are established each time you visit a Web page, send an instant message or check your e-mail. They also appear when outside computers attempt to ...

OpenGL Extension Viewer  v.4.0.5 Build

Displays information of the current OpenGL 3D accelerator.OpenGL Extensions Viewer runs on Windows, Windows x64 and MacOS XThis software displays the vendor name, the version implemented, the renderer name and the extensions of the current OpenGL 3D accelerator.

Wtime  v.0.1

wtime is a small console software runs another program, then displays information about the resources(time/memory/IO) used by that program, collected by the system while the software was running. It works like 'GNU time', but is under Win32.

Handle  v.3.5

Handle is a software that displays information about open handles for any process in the system. You can use it to see the programs that have a file open, or to see the object types and names of all the handles of a program. Handle can show you what ...

G Music  v.

Displays information about the currently playing song in the Zune.

Social Viewer Sample  v.

Sample application that displays information from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and RSS about Windows Phone 7. This is what you get when you create a new project based on the Social Viewer template available at http://socialviewer.codeplex.com ...

Mountain Passes WA  v.

This app displays information regarding the mountain passes (weather conditions, traffic restrictions, live camera images) in a nice, Windows Phone friendly way.

The data is provided by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

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