Dimensional Scanning


BKF Recovery with Quick Scanning  v.5.4.1

In backup recovery tool three types of scanning process are also available like as quick scan, deep and ranged based scan. Scanning ensures of proper involvement of extraction process on the corrupt BKF files. Scanning feature prior BKF Recovery process ...

SmartSoft Invoice Scanning  v.2.4.10

SmartSoft Invoice Scanning is a professional software application for automated scanning, sorting and archiving of invoice documents. Using optical character recognition technology the program captures two key fields – Vendor and Document Number - and ...


PaperScan Scanning Software Free Edition  v.1.5.5

PaperScan is an universal scanning software designed to offer power as well as simplicity of use.
While most scanning applications are dedicated to one scanner or one scanning protocol, PaperScan allows you to control any scanner, including ...

Kodak s1220 Photo Scanning System  v.3 6

The KODAK s1220 Photo Scanning System is a rapid batch scanning system, which accepts photos into an automatic feeder, quick scans them and then passes the images to the PC. Both sides of the photos or documents are scanned at the same time. This feature ...

Scanning Enabler Capture  v.

* Publish scanned documents to all new and existing document libraries
* Use a Desktop Scanner, a shared Desktop Scanner or a Multifunction Printer via Network TWAIN
* Uses unique Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to create searchable documents
* Supports bulk scanning and indexing

Barcode Scanning Software  v.

Barcode scanning software is excellent solution to produce industry standards and classic ribbons, tags in different shapes. Barcode ribbon building application is specially designed and developed to make high quality, readable stickers with flexible ...

Two Dimensional Schrodinger Equation  v.1.0

Two Dimensional Schrodinger Equation model simulates the time evolution of a two-dimensional wave packet as it moves towards a slit with an obstacle in it, both with variable widths. By changing three parameters via sliders provided, slit width, obstacle ...

Two Dimensional Air Drop Model  v.1.0

Two-Dimensional Air Drop model shows a Red Cross airplane planning to drop supplies to a small island. As captain of the plane, the user must drop the package at the right moment so that it doesn't fall on the ocean.A Red Cross airplane is going to throw ...

Windows Remote Scanning Console  v.1.0

The Windows Remote Scanning Console is a simple yet powerful suite of tools designed to enable IT administrators the ability to remotely scan and manage their client/server environments with ease. In total there are 17 snapins currently available to ...

Three-dimensional Go Game  v.1.0

The Asian game of Go takes place two-dimensional board. Its idea readily extends to three dimensions - placing stones on a cubic grid. This is a program for playing on such a three-dimensional grid. It runs under Java and needs the Java3D extension.

Dimensional Tides Screensaver  v.1 11

Dimensional Tides also supports Windows password protection.

Vulnerability Scanning Cluster  v.2.0

It allows users to hierarchically manage hosts, scanning policies, and request automated immediate, future/reccuring scans of a host or group of hosts, view scan reports and generate metrics.

BcTester  v.1.0

Linear barcodes can be recognized as well as modern 2D-(two dimensional) barcodes

Find out what is encoded in the barcodes you see! Just create an image file by scanning or taking a picture of the barcode, and bcTester reads it from the file.

SimpleIndex  v.7.0

SimpleIndex takes the labor out of document scanning by providing powerful barcode and optical character recognition (OCR) that can find data anywhere on the page and use it to organize your files automatically. Use it as a small business document management ...

Advanced Email Extractor  v.3.5.1746

AEE has various criteria for scanning ranges; you can extract only the addresses you actually need from web-pages, instead of extracting all the addresses present. You can not only limit the scanning depth and width, you also can cut off unnecessary ...

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