Difference Puzzle Creator


Jigsaw Puzzle Creator  v.3.1 Build 15

Jigsaw Puzzle Software Creator allows you to share your favorite pictures in different ways, just give the compiled software to your friend and they can start enjoy your games.Jigsaw Puzzles Creator 2.0.2 :
* Create a Jigsaw Puzzles Games in three ...

ActivityMaker  v.3.0.0005

ActivityMaker is an incredible all-in-one vocabulary worksheet and puzzle creator, making over a dozen different types of worksheets from your words and definitions! You enter a list of words and definitions (or use lists from Vocab-Flash, Vocab-Flash ...


ActivityMaker Vocabulary Suite  v.1.0.5

ActivityMaker Vocabulary Suite is an all-in-one vocabulary worksheet and puzzle creator, making over three dozen different types of worksheets from your words and definitions. You enter a list of words and definitions (or use lists from Vocab Arcade), ...

Arabella Gems 3  v.1.0

Arabella Gems 3 is a find the difference puzzle game with great graphics by Free-Online-World.com .
Playing Arabella Gems 3 your mission is to find 10 differences between two pictures by clicking them with mouse.
While playing Arabella Gems ...

Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator  v.2 1

Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator is the new software developed by Tibo Software intended to be used to promote web sites, services and products with customized jigsaw puzzles. Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator works as a wizard that helps you to create your own ...

Maze Creator STD  v.3. 6. 2004

Also simply referred to as Maze Creator, this is the original application and still shareware. The Standard version allows the greatest flexibility. With its ability to export mazes onto the clip board and to many file formats. It works well with Adobe ...

Free Maze Creator  v.1.7.005

Great for puzzle lovers, parents, and teachers. A TILER has been added to this version. Please see www.mazecreator.com for more details.

Puzzle Maker Lite  v.1.0.4

Create crossword and word search puzzles using your own words! You choose the words, and Puzzle Maker can make a crossword and word search from them. *Create crosswords and word searches with up to 10 words (60 words for full version)*Edit crossword and ...

Spot the Difference

In this game there will be two pictures of different smiley faces. There will be 10 slight differences between the two pictures, such as the position of the eye and the colour of the face. You need to find out all the differences as quickly as possible.

Maze Creator  v.2 6

Computer Aided Design of random mazes with solutions tobe printed or exported (EMF, BMP, Clibboard). Mazes can be customized in shape, drawn-on, and number of starting and stopping points. A mask can be applied to help rapidly develop new designs. You ...

Sudoku Pagoda

Play Puzzle or Arcade mode, or even make your own layout in Puzzle Creator and share them with your friends. Challenge your logic playing this really great mind teaser!

Simple Sudoku  v.

Simple Sudoku is a simple yet complete sudoku puzzle with multiple options. It has 5 levels of difficulty, but only one board 9x9 size. The board can be maximized 14 times, and you can customize the general and marker colors. The user interface is simple, ...

Ancient Sudoku  v.32.0

Ancient Sudoku is an enjoyable and addictive puzzle game in which you have to use your logic to solve it. In case you have never played sudoku, the game is played on a lattice board which is divided in a certain number of rows and columns that form little ...

Word Search Printer  v.3 2

Customization options include the ability to the puzzle size, word list, directions of words, color, and formatting. You can even make custom shaped puzzles - how about a Christmas tree shaped puzzle at Christmas for example? The program comes with complete ...

Super Picross  v.

Super Picross is a logic puzzle also known as Griddlers, Nonograms and "Paint by Numbers". Use the clues to reveal the hidden pictures!

- A new puzzle to play every day
- 24 Puzzles to get you started
- Easy intuitive ...

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