Deskcalc Desktop Adding Machine


Judy's TenKey  v.6.1.6

Judy's TenKey, winner of the Ziff Davis 'Desktop Accessory of the Year,' enables you to work faster and more reliably. Once you can see (and reuse!) the numbers in your calculations, you will never return to the default Windows calculator. If you're ...

SmartSum  v.2.0

Talking printing calculator/adding machine !


NumberMate  v.2.0.2

NumberMate is an arithmetic and scientific calculator, adding machine, and time calculator that records and documents your calculations on multiple tapes which you can edit. It also performs unit conversion and arithmetic expression evaluation directly ...

CalcuNote  v.1. 3. 2003

CalcuNote is an arithmetic calculator, adding machine, and time calculator that records and documents your calculations on multiple tapes which you can edit. Use it to (1) make simple everyday calculations, (2) organize and work simultaneously with several ...

MyOwn10-Key  v.9

myOwn10-Key is a professional tape adding machine. It is an intelligent, planet and user friendly adding machine with the functions you expect from a mechanical model plus abilities associated with a Windows environment.myOwn10-Key can works with everything: ...

DigiAddingMachine  v.

Basic Adding Machine style calculator with a tape of math operations. Includes email "tape" and basic math operations subtract, add, divide, and multiple. Lanscape supported. Ad supported trial version. Purchase the app to remove ads.

Ki-BookMark  v.1.0

How many times have you wasted a lot of your time searching for a file, folder, application or a favourite URL saved in your computer? How many times have you wanted to stretch the size of your desktop to add a few more shortcuts? If the answer is

Judys TenKey  v.5.52

If youre still using an old-fashioned desktop calculator, youll love the integration Judys TenKey gives you with your other Windows applications.TAPE: Records your calculations in a scrolling list which you can annotate, save, print, and resize (a real ...

SFR CalcTape  v.5.0.0

SFR CalcTape offers all benefits of a calculating machine and even more. SFR CalcTape is also available for Windows Phone and iPhone!

Moffsoft Calculator  v.

Moffsoft Calculator is a powerful calculator with an easy-to-use interface and a great amount of options that will help any user to achieve their objectives.
Some of the features included in this package are:
Multiple memory: you can save up ...

CDML Personal Calculator  v.3.0.0002

The Tape Display is the equivalent of a till receipt or the tape on an adding machine, and it is very useful for reviewing or annotating your calculations. It will continue to reflect your actions until you clear it and you can print the tape or publish ...

Ivanko Super Gripper Suite  v.2 3

The Ivanko Super Gripper Suite consists of the ISG calculator, an adding machine, a color table, a routine designer, two help files, and three charts.
All of these fine tools are packaged in a tidy setup file that automates installation. A ...

EnCalc  v.2 8

03 in a button
- Stopwatch with lap times recorded to tape
- Always on Top option
- Calculator / Adding Machine Mode
- Floating Point, Fixed & Auto Decimal
- Tax Button
- Change Button
- Memory Buttons (Memory banks stored ...

The Winery  v.1.0

Features include:

Creating as many files as you like
Exporting your data to text or comma separated files (cvs) for importing into a spreadsheet program on your desktop.
Adding, editing and deleting individual entries
Sorting ...

Gaia Wallpaper Desktop

This wallpaper manager offers intelligent desktop management and cool wallpaper effects. Customize your wallpapers per category. User-friendly interface with personalized advanced features. Enhance your desktop by adding life to your wallpapers.

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