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Photoscramble  v.2.0

Simply choose 'Open picture' from the 'Game' menu or drag-and-drop the image file onto the program. Press PageUp or PageDown keys to cycle through all pictures located in the same folder as the opened picture. From the 'Zoom' menu, you can increase or ...

Pocket Chest  v.

-New Game: Stack It
-Minor bugs fixed

-New Game: Bubble Twist Added
-Restart option added to game menu

UPDATE 1.6: Popit Added

Pocket Chest is a game pack containing: Snake, Fall Down, Castle ...


100% Free Chess (Windows 98, ME, 2000,  v.7.40.0054

With 100% Free Chess we can play this game in a nice and clean interface, we can select between four characters for our player.
When we open the program we can find a window and in it we can select the tutorial button, the new game, exit or upgrade ...

Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier  v.

'Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier' is the second edition of this game. In the previous version the settlement of Hope River was built. Supposedly that settlement has been destroyed and in this edition of the game the three characters have to rebuild ...

Tetrizle  v.2

Tetrizle is a puzzle tetris-like game.
Goal of the game is to construct a picture from falling tetromino pieces.

It unites tetris-like pieces stacking and puzzle picture assembling gameplays.

Tetrizle consists of:

- ...

Alien Wars  v.

You can access the game menu pressing the ESC key, or the help pressing F1.

You'll need to avoid being hit by your enemies or the rocks that will appear. There will be some mines that you can shoot to destroy your enemies, but beware of touching ...

AquaSphere  v.

If you were a fan of the classic Arkanoid, you'll love this game for sure, since its resemblance. However, the AquaSphere has done a lot more work in interface design and environment development. As you could guess from its name, this game develops underwater.

Awale  v.3 4

Awale is an ancient African game of strategy with simple rules but with a quite challenging and absorbing gameplay. The game requires two players, one of which is the computer, who will take turns to play with one objective in mind: capture the biggest ...

NanoGames  v.2 1

The fastest way to alter all the games is to use the 'Global Game Speed' slider (displayed near the top of the main screen). This control can be used to quickly adjust the speed of all 30 games (up to 90% slower). It's great for experimenting with the ...

Ballz3D  v.2 5

Balz3D is an addictive puzzle based on the famous Lines game. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by forming various shapes with colored gems.
Additional lives that you earn in the process of the game help you avoid losing ...

Alphabet Sub  v.

When you collect each bubble the game will read it aloud. This game features two types of levels, both a short style and long style.

Younger players can use the short levels, each level concentrates on one letter or number at a time. While the ...

Crystal Tower  v.

** Top puzzle game all over the world with LEVEL EDITOR !!
** Over millions player can't be wrong.
** From the makers of "SPEED CAR" and "FINGER GUILLOTINE" another killer game for WP7 !
** 5 game packs and 75 total Levels.
** Save the ...

Gem Curse  v.

Gem Curse is the most thrilling game of the genre, featuring unique gameplay mechanics. Four quite different game modes will enthrall just any gamer.
Please, help us to gain high rating for us to be able to release the second version of the game as ...

GSC Spearhead  v.2.0

GSC Spearhead (Game Server Configulator) can set up and run a server for Medal of Honor:Spearhead. You can use over 30 configurable options that aren't available in the game menu itself. Apart from that, you are enabled to save several different configurations, ...

Compression - Training Ground  v.1.0

A new twist on the block dropping game genre! Destroy the blocks before the game destroys you!*** The #1 ranked iPad game two days after launch! ***Compression - Training Ground lets you play the first five levels from the full version of Compression ...

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