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SQL Job Manager  v.

Five calendar viewing options paired with four job status filter options mean complete flexibility to customize the view to see more granular schedules and quickly find the information most important to you. Frequently running jobs can be omitted from ...

SQL-RD Subscription

This powerful, intuitive and easy to use report scheduler will save you from the mundane job of manually running SQL Server Reporting Services reports daily, weekly, monthly etc and then exporting them to e-mails to be sent to your client, boss etc. Simply ...


SQL Backup and FTP  v.6.5.0

What can SQLBackupAndFTP do:

SQLBackupAndFTP can schedule jobs to
* Backup your SQL Server databases (Full/Differential/Transaction Log)
* Zip & encrypt the backups
* Zip & encrypt file folders
* FTP(S) the ...

DTM ODBC SQL runner  v.2012

DTM SQL runner is a free command line tool for SQL statements execution. The runner allows the user to specify ODBC data source name and file with SQL statement to be executed.

This handy tool for developers, database administrators and advanced ...

Sql Backup Free  v.1.0.1

Sql Backup Free:
* Runs Full SQL Server Database Backups on schedule
* Compresses (zips) the backups
* Sends backups to FTP, local, network folder or HDD drive
* Sends an e-mail confirmation on job's success or failure

Sql ...

Job Scheduler  v.

Job Scheduler is used for automation - for example, process automation using the free database systems MySQL, PostgreSQL or Firebird or using SQL Server, Oracle or DB2. You can use the Job Scheduler to launch executable files and shell scripts and to ...

Job Start  v.3.1.11129.1456

Running SQL Server database jobs is no longer limited to IT people who have direct access to the SQL Server database management system. Non IT users can now start and run SQL Server database jobs from their own computer using Job Start. This has substantial ...

FlySpeed SQL Query  v.2.9.7

If you are looking for an SQL query tool that is powerful, containing all of the features that you need yet is still easy to learn and use, then FlySpeed SQL Query provides exactly what you need. This program, supporting all of the popular database structures ...

SQL Navigator  v.

SQL Navigator makes it simple to write, edit, and maintain database objects through automation and an easy-to-use graphical interface. So you can deliver high-quality applications faster than ever.

And it doesn't just offer basic development ...

SQL Server Find  v.3. 4. 2001

SQL Server Find is a powerful database tool for Microsoft SQL Server that allows you to search for database objects using different criteria. This program can be very useful when you don't know in which table you should search since it will search one ...

MS SQL Migrate  v.1 1

Red eyes, late hours, tired of sitting ass - let's face it - transferring to a new server is a great job. You have to think of many things and do lots of routine manipulations. Sounds familiar? MS SQL Migrate makes it an old nightmare. This unique tool ...

SQL Backup and FTP Free  v.7.2.6

Will backup MS SQL Server databases, zip and encrypt the backups, send the zip to FTP server, schedule job to run daily. Also folder backups, diff backups, custom scripts, custom scheduling.SQLBackupAndFTP is MS SQL Server backup program that runs scheduled ...

SQL Monitor  v.1.4 Beta

SQL Monitor can monitor sql server processes and jobs, view executing sql query, kill process / job. it uses linq and requires .net 3.5 (client profile). right now it is very primitive, but I will improve it significiantly.SQL Monitor Features:

SQL Database Monitoring Software  v.12.06.01

For providing an efficient and effective controlling over the SQL Server, Lepide SQL Storage Manager has been designed. Mostly SQL server administrators come across problems that are usually related to managing SQL storage database because managing large ...


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Super charge your SQL Server knowledge by staying up to date with the latest SQL Server news, blog posts, videos, forum Q&A, job listings, Twitter feeds, Facebook news, and code samples.

If you are ...

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