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Asset Tracker  v.9. 3. 2001

It collects detailed information about network PC's hardware and software configuration and provides the result to the Network Administrator in the nice graphical views. This software also collects information about network equipment installed ...

French Country Masks  v.1.0

French Country Masks is a digital scrapbooking kit which includes graphical tools. It integrates 15 design elements and offers high-resolution views at the highest quality.

French Country Masks is a digital scrapbooking kit designed to improve ...


EasyStruct  v.4.5 SE

0 to XP), Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Personal Oracle and IBM DB2 7.x. Connect to any other database that is supported by OLEDB by giving a valid connection string. Copy names of database objects to clipboard. View properties of a database like the statistics ...


Its Helpdesk module will enable you to manage incidents of any nature: a user-friendly interface with graphical views of your IT assets / Quickly manage your IT assets and Non-IT assets via a context-sensitive toolbar / High availability of information ...

MiningMart  v.rc

MiningMart is a graphical tool for transforming data from relational databases. It provides two dual graphical views on the transformations, a data view and a process view. The focus is on the preparation of data for data mining.

Smart System Informer  v.2.3

This information shown as number and graphical views - you may evaluate your computer performance easily, and save the received data as a text file. Applications are shown at processes, startup and uninstall list. All parameters give at real-time mode.

Switch Center  v.1. 8. 2001

- Network mapping, topplogy and performance supporting graphical views.
- Database exporting capability supporting SQL and HTML for online updating.
- Central viewer supporting multiple levels of management access permissions.
- Ten ...

Switch Center Enterprise  v.2 2

Real-time network connectivity supporting graphical views.
Real-time reports and statistics including exporting capabilities.
Database exporting capability supporting SQL and HTML for online updating.
Central viewer supporting multiple ...

MySpeed PC Advanced Edition  v.3.0b

* Performance Database
* All connection test results are logged to a performance database, enabling views of past results and changes in results over time. View results of all connection tests in the Table View, easily export data for further ...

SIMCommander Express 4.2.0r1  v.1

TE SIMCommander Express Real-time Reports act as a dashboard to visualize and summarize major Windows event logs and alerts in graphical views. The reports display real-time event logs or real-time security trends according to the user-defined configurations ...

Maxsurf  v.17.07

FEATURES: TE Fast to learn and easy to master graphical interface TE Model complex hull geometry with trimmed surfaces TE Create fair surfaces using a wide range of fairness evaluation tools TE Visualise hull shape changes with dynamic updating TE ...

MacFamilyTree  v.4.4.9

With MacFamilyTree you can create in a fast and elegant manner, a general view of all relations and kinship and show it in impressive, graphical views. Extensive print options are also offered, as well as the option to publish your family tree on the ...

XEphem  v.3.6

- displays data in configurable tabular formats in conjunction with several interactive graphical views;- graphically displays a 24 hour period showing when any selected objects are up;- displays 3-D stereo views of the Solar System that are particularly ...

ForeFlight  v.2.2.1

It provides graphical views and alerts for the weather at your airport, not just text reports.WHAT'S NEWrelease notes not available currently . ForeFlight: Desktop Edition. Desktop preflight Intelligence software for Windows and Mac OS X.

Cadent monitorLite  v.1.1

- Can export these graphical views to the graphviz DOT file format. This makes it available to other applications which support the DOT format such as graphviz and the Omni GroupA?A?A‚€A‚™s OmniGraffe version 5.- Has two security modes: ...

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