Decimal Place Value Chart


What's My Place  v.2.0.1

What's My Place an educational game that helps teach students about "place value." It asks what digit is in a particular place value, and also asks students to compare numbers and translate words into numbers. The four levels in the game include:Level ...

WhizSmart Grade 1 Maths Complete  v.

A complete curriculum for Grade 1 maths consisting of place value, mental addition, mental subtraction, time and money. Place value up to 100, time including half and full hour and money upto 100 cents with dimes, nickels and pennies - real coin photos.


WhizSmart Grade 3 Maths Complete  v.

Unlimited practice of grade 3 maths including multiplication, division, place value to 1000s, time (5 min resolution) and money (dollar and 5 dollar bills). Gradual increase in difficulty levels for division and multiplication ensures students build ...

WhizSmart Grade 1 Maths  v.

Place value teaches the concept of tens and ones via grouping. Students will excel their grade 1 maths using the exercises in this application. Install paid version of this app to also learn time and money.

Excel Shift Decimal Point Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to move the decimal point left or right in block of selected cells in one or more Excel files. The user can specify a list of files or an entire folder and then choose to process the entire workbook, the ...

LoanSpread Loan Calculator  v.4.9.1

Whether youre interest in the time value of money or in a specific loan for a home, auto, boat or consolidation loan, LoanSpread shows you the big picture on borrowing money! Then look at the details with the new Loan Summary feature which drills down ...

Percentage Calculator  v.1.1

Then, then take that number and move the decimal place two spaces to the right. This way you will get your percentage. Percentage calculator lets you do all calculations quickly. You can calculate the value of a percentage of a number by entering the ...

Scrap Price Calculator  v.

Some Precious Metal buyers will fudge on these numbers by dropping the last Decimal Place on the Carat Value, not rounding them up or down ...

UTM converter  v.1.1

UTM converter is a simple tool to convert Lat/Long to UTM, allows you to convert between decimal Latitude/Longitude and UTM. It has a very simple interface that will quickly guide you through all its options.
UTM converter Features:
1. The ordering ...

MyUniverse Professional  v.1.1

MyUniverse Professional is a feature rich software you can use to take information from various parts of your life and bring them together into one place in a creative, free form, visual and dynamic way.
For home, school or business, MyUniverse is ...

Whereabouts  v.

Where is my car?
Where was that shop I liked?
How do I get to the hotel?
I need to remember where this place is.

Ever have these issues, ever wondered how do you remember all these places?

No need, Whereabouts will remember ...

SharpShooter OLAP  v.6.4

The joint use of the OLAP component and the chart component doesn't require a deep knowledge of programming. Just place the Chart Viewer on the form in which the DataCubeGrid is located, a few mouse clicks and the data is represented as comprehensible ...

MathLanders A+ 10.12-d  v.1.0

MathLanders A+ covers areas such as number sense and numeration, counting, rounding, place value, additions and subtractions, multiplications, divisions, fractions, mixed operations, equations, whole and decimal numbers, logic and critical thinking and ...

CCUnits  v.3.5

You can set the decimal place you would like the results to show, too.

WhizSmart Grade 2 Maths Complete  v.

Place value problems cover problems till 1000. Money problems introduce dollar thereby giving early education on fractions as well. Time includes quarter hour in addition to full and half hours.

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