Date Book Manager


Comic Book Manager  v.1 13

Comic Book Manager is a program used to create and manage a comic books collection database. One of the application's features is to categorize comic book collections the same way libraries categorize books.

Unlike similar programs, this application ...

SeaSideSoft Book Manager  v.

SeaSideSoft Book Manager is a digital photo album creating and managing software. Book Manager is a digital photo album creating and managing software.
SeaSideSoft Book Manager creates digital photo albums with music and you can turn over pages like ...


Address Book Manager  v.

Address Book Manager is an software that will allow you to easily manage multiple Address Books in the default folder. It eliminates the need for creating folders and groups in your main Address Book. Using the normal Address Book you will lose the folder ...

Ultimate Sports Book Manager  v.3.5

Ultimate Sports Book Manager is a sportsbook software application that allows a bookie and gambler to track wagers, download betting lines, and get final scores in real-time through an easy to access on-line sportsbook. The Payouts page allows you to ...


LiveSync helps the Palm users to synchronize Palm PIM applications, that is, the Contacts(Address Book), Calendar(Date Book), Tasks(Todo List) and Notes(Memo Pad), with multiple Desktop applications, e.g. Palm Desktop, Outlook, and even more.

JustaCal  v.1 2

This program will provide you just a calendar with no appointment scheduler, date book, journal, diary, time management database. This simple, practical (and incredibly cute) application can be conveniently tucked away when not in use.

DateLook  v.2.0.1

A free electronic date book that features alarms, the ability to handle cyclic events, supports printing, and is fully mouse-driven. It has an import/export-function and is able to synchronise its local database with a database in the net (format: vCalendar ...

Atlence FileTime Manager  v.3.0

Atlence FileTime Manager allows you to change the timestamp of files and folders on your computer by a simple click or by automation. The application can also monitor any change in date/time of your files and folders and notify you or perform a specific ...

Simple Phone Book  v.

Simple Phone Book is just what the name implies, a simple, easy to use phone book program with minimum bells and whistles. All it does is store data. It's not the worlds most advanced and techie address book. It's a simple way to keep track of numbers ...

Mobipocket Creator  v.4.2

Creator includes a full-featured ebook creator wizard that allows to make photo albums, date books, cooking recipe databases, personal dictionaries, travel guides, quizzes, restaurant guides, and more. Add metadata items and predefined bookmark links ...

Contactizer Express  v.3.5

Contactizer Express is a new, easy to use, affordable but powerful Contact Manager for Mac OS X. Built from the identical core as Contactizer Pro, Express features the same intuitive user interface and innovative approach that has been universally praised ...

Pocket Informant  v.9. 10. 2413

0 is a PIM (Personal Information Manager) which will make your Pocket PC a much more useful tool. Pocket Informant 8.0 provides a calendar, contact database and task list.
First of all let's talk about the calendar. Pocket Informant 8.0 can show ...

ELibrary  v.2.5.13

Guessing is done by either searching the book on google, amazon or scanning the text for the ISBN (scan is currently only for PDF), thus allowing you to quickly load books into the app. Besides digital books, eLibrary has organizing and tagging features ...

Hotel Management  v.1.0

The hotel management software provides all kinds of record keeping feature required in a hotel like day books, daily business book, Preparation of OFI and many more automatically.

Main Features:
- Complete and automatic operating ...

Remind-Me with Palm Conduit  v.3 9

Remind-Me is a personal calendar and event reminder for Windows.
Remind-Me tracks and reminds you of important events before they occur.
It displays holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and scheduled events on
an attractive traditional calendar.

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