Custom Error Handling


CoffeeCup Website Access Manager  v.5.0

Another great feature is the ability to redirect 404 errors and other bad requests to a custom error page you've designed in a program like Visual Site Designer or the HTML Editor. This gives you complete control over all aspects of your ...

AddErrorhandler  v.1.0.36

Automates error handling code in functions and procedures. Includes custom callstack.


VB Builder  v.1 3

VB Builder is a VB 5/6 Add-In
that creates line numbered versions of your VB
program so that you can use the VB error line
function (erl) in your error handling code.
VB Builder also compiles your programs and stores
each line numbered ...

Windows Phone Screenshot Tool  v.1 2

Windows Phone Screenshot Tool
Now supports landscape mode!
Support for multiple monitors
Improved error handling
Ensures Marketplace screenshot is Portrait and at 100% zoom level
Now includes the following skins!
LG Optimus ...

ZWeb  v.0.7

It provides components for pagination, tables, dialogs, data input, security, error handling and long-term processing feedback. Minimum configuration and XML files required.

Stored Procedure Generator  v.

It has very powerful features like error handling, transaction commit & rollback, concurrency validation, joined sp generation, auto selection of join, etc.Stored procedures provide the capability to perform some action against a database and have some ...

AudioLibre  v.

- fixes for two crashing bugs in the player and library book pages
- better performance and error handling when loading cover images


If you love reading classic literature but don't always have time to sit down with ...

Seagull PHP Application Framework  v.1.0

Seagull is an OO PHP application framework that has the following design goals: a) independence of data, logic & presentation layers; b) extensible component architecture; c) comprehensive error handling; d) integration with PEAR; e) coding standards ...

Windows Loader  v.2.0.1

Main features:
-Can be run as a standalone application
-Works well with all system languages
-Custom OEM information can be installed
-Argument support for silent installs
-Can be used for pre-activation
-Application ...

RingtoneHelperFree  v.

RingtoneHelperFree is a custom ringtone tool that allows you to download your favorite music files directly on the phone, clips, and then add ringtones for your phone. No longer have to do boring and complicated work of music file's conversion on a computer! ...

ActiveXperts Scripting Component  v.2.1

ActiveX/COM component to invoke VBScript functions and (remote) Windows commands from any application, and save the results, standard output and standard error into variables. Advanced error handling. Advanced logging. Use it in your Microsoft Visual ...

SQL VB ASP Code Generator  v.1.0

No more time wasted redundantly building the same old edit and grid list screens with all the error handling? Generate a complete or partial VB or ASP app with one click, or simply generate VB forms or .asp files for a single table. It even handles relational ...

Code-VB6  v.3.0

Code-VB features:

Code Library:
- Finding and using (built-in and custom) procedures
- Code fragments library
Code Generators
- Creating procedures
- Fast declaration of variables and constants
- Working ...

VB DocuMentor  v.1 4

It also inserts error handling code and
tracks your program's code changes. Also indent
code in each procedure and close all code windows
with one click.

Flash Player  v. Beta (IE)

Global error handling
The new global error handler enables developers to write a single handler to process all runtime errors that weren't part of a try/catch statement. Improve software reliability and user experience by catching and handling unexpected ...

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