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Convexsoft Icon Designer

This is an easy to use and powerful tool that lets you create, edit, and manage Windows icon, cursor, and icon library files. Ability to make icon from images and photos. It"s also useful for graphic designers who want to create their own icons. Special ...

Picture To Icon  v.5.1634

Picture To Icon converts images or any part on your screen into icons, resizes the icon and extracts icons from libraries. With Picture To Icon you can make nice 32 bit alpha icons quickly and easily.Picture To Icon converts BMP, JPEG, GIF, CUR, WMF, ...


Icon Works Pro

Icon Works Pro is an easy to use icon editor that has all the functions for creating and editing icons and cursor files. Icon Works Pro can import image files of major formats including PNG, GIF, WMF, EMF, BMP, TIFF, and JPG.

IconArt  v.2.0.1

IconArt is a highly compact cursor and icon creator that allows you to draw an image from scratch using all common tools or to import an image to turn into a icon or cursor. The application includes a gradient color tool, detailed colour pallet options, ...

Resicon  v.1.0

Resicon offer users an icon batch resizing utility. It allows you to resize icon images into a predefined set of sizes like: 16×16, 32×32, 36×36, 48×48, 72×72 and 128×128 or use a custom one.Requirements:
* Adobe AIR ...

321Soft Icon Designer  v.3.20

321Soft Icon Designer is the most user-friendly icon software for Windows. It allows to create and edit icon images in either standard or custom sizes for your new software, Windows and Mac as well as create a favicon for your website. You can capture ...

AWicons Lite  v.10 2

Awicons Lite is a home free software which allows the user to manage, create and import icons, cursors, animated cursors or icons with the following compatibilities, icon (ico),cursor (cur), animated cursor (ani), icons library (icl), BMP image (bmp), ...

IconCool Studio Pro  v.7.0

IconCool Studio is a complete solution for 32 bit icon editing and creation. The program includes all standard image editing tools, as well as a variety of filters and effects that can be used to enhance your icon designs. The included Mixer enables you ...


GConvert is a full-featured icon toolkit that lets you extract, create, edit, manage, compile and convert icons. Support for all icon images (any size, color depth plus MacOS X, XP and Vista 32-bit icons); create and convert icons from/to several image ...

IconICan Studio  v.2.01.120703

IconICan Studio is a professional cursor and icon editor. It is an integrated solution for the creation, editing and design of all kinds of icons and cursors. A variety of filters are provided for you to enhance the design effects. The software has 500 ...

IconCool  v.3.0

An icon library with dozens of sample entries is included and accessible through a tree-style organizational system, allowing you to categorize icons and create new libraries within them. You can search icons in the library by keywords, and even add ...

ICONStudio  v.5.0.0001

0 is very powerful, it has all the standard features that similar products have, and is an excellent, easy to use Icon & Cursor Creator, Icon Editor, Extractor and Cursor Animator. It allows you to create and edit icons of any size and color depth icons ...

Creative BASIC  v.1 1

Create Windows programs, 3D games and utilities
Supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP
Compiles stand alone executables (registered version only)
Run programs directly from the IDE
DirectX Support with sprites, screens and scrolling maps
Direct3D Support with lights, cameras, shapes and scenes
Built in editor, debugger and GUI/Dialog designer
Resource compiler included
No external libraries or runtimes required
Full MDI (Multiple Document Interface) support
Dynamic window, dialog, and control creation
Simple BASIC like syntax
Over 240 commands and functions built in!
Access to DLL's and the Windows API for unlimited extensibility
Structured data types (UDT's) fully supported
Console support and Console compiler
Graphics primitives supported
Bitmap, JPEG, GIF, Cursor and Icon support ...

Eltima SWF Converter  v.4.0

If you choose the Advanced Projector EXE, you can add a splash image upon loading, a custom cursor, tray icon, application caption, company name, expiry date, and more. When you convert SWF to GIF (a series of images or an animated GIF) with SWF Converter ...

IconForge Icon Editing Tool Kit

Features: Full set of editing tools; Transparent, Inverse paint; Extract from cursor, icon (including OS2, Linux, XP and other formats), animation, program and image files; Export to animation or image formats; Edit icons within programs (EXE, DLL, etc.

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