Cruise Oprah


Solitaire Cruise  v.7. 3. 2023

Solitaire Cruise

Play Solitaire in countries all around the world, and become an International card star.
See the world by sea, visit exciting countries just by playing Solitaire.
Discover 200 distinct levels that will have you traveling ...

Cruise Clues: Caribbean Adventure  v.2 86

Help Detective Angelina track down an elusive jewel thief in the Hidden Object game, Cruise Clues: Caribbean Adventure!

The mysterious thief has stolen jewels from all over the world, and Angelina has determined that they are on an exclusive ...


Tom Cruise Windows 7 Theme  v.1.00

Tom Cruise Windows 7 Theme is dedicated to the Hollywood actor and producer Tom Cruise. This is a high resolution Windows 7 Theme which will fit very well into nearly all desktop and laptop screens with Windows 7 operating system. There are 10 background ...

Sea Yacht Cruise 3D Screensaver

Immerse yourself while soaring over the ocean expanse! The Sea Yacht Cruise 3D Screensaver will provide you with a bird's-eye view of amazing ocean scenes. During this soothing flight you will follow the progress of a sleek schooner as it slips through ...

Cruise Control - Rapid Mail Responder

Finally the solution to Email Overload! Cruise Control, Rapid Email Response Software, the fastest tool available for creating personal replies to your overflowing Inbox of messages. Every message you send will be better written and more detailed than ...

Solitaire Cruise Deluxe  v.

Solitaire Cruise Deluxe

Welcome aboard the most luxurious cruise ship in the world: the Britannic. Explore the world, sail the seas, and play unlimited solitaire card games in Solitaire Cruise Deluxe. Travel around the world ...

HAC11 Night Cruise Puzzle  v.1

Complete a fun and challenging puzzle of a beautiful nighttime cruise ship.

Cruise Cams  v.

Cruise Cams lets you view static images from web cams onboard cruise ships around the world. Quickly switch from cam to cam and ship to ship. Also check out over 40 port cams

V1.2 includes zoom and the ability to save

V1.1 includes better ...

Cruise Ship Location  v.

Are you taking a cruise and like to know roughly where you are in the open seas? What path your ship it taking?

The map component of your phone would be great, if only you didn't need an expensive data connection to download the maps.

This ...

Cruise Control  v.

Welcome To Cruise Control Free Version!

Do you Remember that old Retro Game known as Donkey where you were driving on a road and had to dodge Donkeys!

Well welcome to Cruise Control a complete Resigned version!

The goal ...

Cruise Ship Screensaver  v.1.0

Ships ply the oceans and seas. Want to go round the world trip? Then come to us. We have many different vehicles. Large and small, they are ready to take you anywhere in the world. Welcome aboard, ladies and gentlemen. Download screensaver and travel ...

Air Cruise  v.2.5

You begin play as a beginner pilot, but you'll soon develop into an experienced pilot. The objective of this game is to fly from one airport to ferry passengers elsewhere. But beware, the routes are often fraught with many hidden dangers including Zeppelin ...

Free Sea Lighthouses 3D Screensaver

See and hear the cruise ships going in and out of the harbor as the moon elegantly rises and lowers in the evening sky. See birds gliding in the air and sailboats floating in the water at their docks. This life-like, one of a kind lighthouse screensaver ...

Submarine online

On a fast attack submarine cruise I was strongly cautioned not to write about ... more than those operation manuals, knowing how to play when you're hurt, ...

Neighbors From Hell  v.1.1.335

The neighbor from hell wants to enjoy an undeserved holiday - reason enough for Woody and the camera team to sneak along onto the cruise liner to make the nasty neighbour's holiday a living hell.

This time, the neighbor's mum has joined him, ...

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