Crude Oil Prices


WTICrudeOilPrices  v.

This apps lets you see the WTI Crude Oil Prices right on your Windows Phone.
You can Pin this app to the Start Screen, to receive the updated prices!

1. New Plots
2. Prepared for LowMem Devices
3. FIXED: ...

Oil & Gas Prices  v.

Oil & Gas Prices allows you to quikcly view the changing rates for these commodities (crude oil, brent oil, WTI, and natural gas). Check these commodity prices on the fly.

- A 30, 90 and 180 charts of oil and natural gas commodity prices
- ...


Cheapest Oil Home Heat Utility  v.1.00

Cheapest Oil presents a UK home heating oil price tracker.

Compare your home heating oil usage with others,
- your CO2 output
- how much your boiler might be wasting

Produce historical graphs for home heating oil prices.
- ...

Sokath  v.0.5.0

Right now, it is a simple tool that can be used to make a prediction about the gasoline prices and the oil prices using di erences in demand and supply, and a future production base. The program contains a certain amount of components that can be seen ...

BRENTCrudeOilPrices  v.

Get BRENT Crude oil price live. With live tiles support!

1. New Plots
2. Prepared for LowMem Devices
3. FIXED: When is not possible to create a Background task, no more crashes because of that.

Gold Today  v.

You can easily get information on-
*Latest gold rates
*Crude Oil rates
*New York spot price
*Latest Gold news
This way you will never loose track of these precious commodities.

10PIPS  v.9.9

Our wide coverage includes UK, US, European and Asian markets, Forex trading, Indices and Commodities - Metals, Crude oil etc. With strong execution relationships with some of the world's largest international banks, 10Pips have the benefits of increased ...

Natural Gas Futures  v.1.0

Ever since time immemorial, petroleum and crude oil have been really useful for mankind from underground sources and this is where the Natural gas futures come. Ever since time immemorial, petroleum and crude oil have been really useful for mankind from ...

Flow Calculator  v.3.0

The third quantity can be expressed in any of the units such as cubic feet/sec, cubic feet/minute, cubic feet/day, US gallon/sec, US gallon/sec, UK Barrels/sec, UK Barrels/sec, US Oil Barrels/sec and US Federal Barrels/sec. Another feature of the software ...

Speculator: The Stock Trading Simulation  v.1.10

' At $300,000, you're allowed to dabble in risky short selling of stocks; at $400,000, you will qualify to buy or sell options on any of the stocks in the simulation; at $500,000, you are considered to be sophisticated enough to speculate on highly leveraged (20-to-1) commodity futures on crude oil, gold, silver, ...

Delta Trading  v.5.0.7

In Delta Trading you can trade 72 currency pairs - FOREX, over 1000 CFDs on Stocks, Indices, ETFs, Crude Oil, Commodities and Financial Futures, as well as spot gold and silver.

The wide variety of order types available in Delta Trading™ ...

Cheapest Oil Utility  v.0.90

This Windows application can produce charts for the average price of home heating oil based on date criteria you provide it. It may not be useful to everyone however it may aid people who need to research prices.
It also includes some of the features ...

Amsoil motorcycle oil

Amsoil motorcycle oil can be found here too.

Oil Tycoon  v.

Oil Tycoon!TM is a business simulation in which your rich Texas uncle died and left you an inheritance of one plot of land, one oil well, one refinery, one storage unit, and one million dollars.

His will stated the following advice - buy low, ...

Central Air Conditioner Prices  v.1.0

Screensaver based on a central air conditioner prices theme.

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