Cross Country Symbol


Hot Dish 2 Cross Country Cook-off  v.32.0

A symbol in the frame will indicate what you have to do. If there is a pointer icon you need to click, if there is a double arrow you need to click and drag your mouse sideways, if there is a curvy arrow you need to click and drag your mouse counter ...

Hot Dish 2: Cross Country Cook Off  v.1.0

Travel around the USA to master the flavors of each distinct region and impress the critics with the breadth and depth of your culinary acumen. As you compete in the Gourmet Grand Prix, you'll have to prove your skills against chefs who specialize in ...


MotoAce  v.1 19

You participate in cross-country bike races which are held in different countries. Your target is to pass successfully 9 hurdle traces for a given time.
3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard. Time score. Intelligible help.

PC-Rail Salisbury  v.5 1

Salisbury, on the ex-L&SWR main line from Waterloo to Exeter, is an important railway junction with services on the cross country route between Westbury and Southampton crossing the main line traffic.

This simulation is based on the pre-1963 ...

Lotus Turbo Challenge  v.1.0

Race the Lotus Turbo or Elan through a wide selection of cross-country courses and in all kinds of weather conditions. While most of us probably will never get the chance to drive a Lotus on the world-famous autobahns of Germany, you can get the next ...

RunScore version Level  v.7 3

It is a program designed to tabulate results for road races, triathlons, cross country meets, bike rallys, etc. It also serves as a mailing list database for race registrants. It is a client/server application that allows the users to run from multiple ...

TrackCentral  v.1.0

TrackCentral is Track & Field and Cross Country team management software that allows middle school, high school, club and college coaches to effectively manage their teams and analyze the performances and progress of their athletes. TrackCentral is a ...

ActiveWatch  v.

It is an application that can assist the user in cross-country and international correspondence. In today's fast paced business world, e-mails have become a major element in the communications' process. With ActiveWATCH attached to the e-mails, you can ...

Run Pace Etc  v.

While running cross-country, you can monitor the following in real-time:

* Average speed
* Distance covered
* Elapsed time
* Your speed runs
* Your easy runs
* Your tempo runs
* Your yasso runs
* Your Long ...  v.

The Norwegian Ski Association is the second largest sport federation in Norway, and organizes six disciplines: alpine, freestyle, ski jumping, combined, cross-country and Telemark skiing.

Norges Skiforbund er det nest største særforbundet ...

Cheque Check  v.

About to write your FIRST cheque(check) ?

About to write a cross country cheque(check)?

Not sure what all details to be filled in cheque(check)?

Not sure how the 'Amount in Words' to be filled for cross country cheque(check)?

The ...

GlidePlan  v.2.0b6

GlidePlan gives glider pilots the ability to plan their cross-country flights. It gives you complete control of the flight parameters that create the contour rings. Set the glide ratio and arrival altitude you feel comfortable with given your skill level.

Alpine Crawler  v.1.1

Alpine Crawler is a cross country vehicle simulator. You can prove your skills and bravery on the mountainsides of the Alps with a strong rear wheel drive SUV.

Your car can be damaged and your driver hurt, if you are not carefully. If your health ...

Fascinating Sights of America  v.1.0

Cross the country on a video tour!Embark on a cross-country tour of some of the most interesting destinations in the nation! Enjoy an engaging trip through America's past and present, from carefree Orlando to historic Durango to ancient Monument Val ...

Running Clock 3D Screensaver

Don't you want to join it in a cross-country marathon and run away from your melancholy?

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