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Easy JAVA to Source Converter

Easy JAVA to Source Converter is a powerful decompiler and disassembler for Java that reconstructs the original source code from the compiled binary CLASS files. It is able to decompile complex Java applets and binaries, producing accurate source code.

J2P (Java to PDF)  v.1.2

J2P (Java to PDF), for now, it only has a function to combine multiple image files (.jpg, .bmp or .png) into a single pdf file. Tools: NetBeans 6.9 and JDK 1.6How to Use:
1. Extract the J2P.rar
2. Double click the J2P.jar (don't ever to move ...


Java to IL Compiler  v.0.1

Java bytecode to IL compiler is being designed to be able to directly use the already available enormous resource of java libraries.

Java to SpreadsheetML  v.3.0

Xelem is a compact Java-library to read and write Excel files of type SpreadsheetML. It can produce sophisticated, intricate and complex spreadsheets from within any Java program. And, since the release of xelem.2.0, it can read xml-spreadsheets.

ComfyJ  v.2.12

ComfyJ is COM-to-Java-to-COM bridge. On COM-to-Java integration part, ComfyJ allows to easily integrate a Java application with any COM/OLE/OCX/ActiveX library. COM Interfaces and Data Types Wrappers provided by the library allow working with COM types ...

FIJI ForthIsh Java Interpreter  v.1.2.beta

FIJI the ForthIsh Java Interpreter is an interactive environment with a procedural syntax similar to the Forth programming language. FIJI can load, introspect, and execute Java classes and methods. FIJI's main use is for unit and component testing of ...

Java Audio Library Transcoder  v.0.1.1

Extensible in Java to add custom 'per track' tasks.Java Audio Library Transcoder Features:
1. Currently transcodes from Flac to Mp3 (more formats by request)
2. Multi-processor
3. Easy to add custom 'per track' java actions
4. Extend ...

Fast Decimals to Fractions  v.1.0

Fast Decimals to Fractions is a downloadable JAVA version of Fast Decimals to Fractions, so you no longer need to log on to convert your decimals. Must have JAVA to run the .JAR file.Requirements:
* Java ...

Java Portable  v.7 Update 5

Get your Java to go. Java Portable allows you to easily install the Java runtime engine to your device. With Java on your portable device, portable apps which utilize the Java runtime environment, like Portable, ...

Distributed Programming with Java  v.1.0

Utilize Java to create an application capable of massivly parallel operations. Application will be targeted as a Napster Clone, with the additional capability of downloading projects which are seeking computer time.

Java CounterStrike Game Probe  v.rc

The Java CounterStrike Game Probe will implement Java to develop an application that will probe a list of Half-Life CounterStrike game servers and display the server information in a customizable format (console, applet, standalone).

Java FileTools  v.0.3.0

A set of tools written in Java to manipulate files, finding duplicated files into two directories, finding duplicated files in a single directory, finding duplicated files out and in .ZIP files, etc.

Java Prolog Interoperability Engine  v.1.0

JPIE is an implementation of an Open Source Java to Prolog/Prolog to Java interoperability mecanism based on the Java VM.

Java Transliterator  v.0.4

translit is a J2EE web application written in Java to execute convertion between different encodings.

Java-XML Binder  v.b.1.0.0

Java-XML Binder (JXB) is a lightweight and easy to use Java-to-XML and XML-to-Java Mapping Tool. Mapping Rules should be configured through Java Annotations, you do not need any configuration files. JXB supports Objects of any complexity.

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