Create Virtual People


MasterPlan  v.8 6

The MasterPlan software can for be used to create events, people, places, monsters, treasures, items, etc. with unique attributes.
You can create custom scripts utilizing Your tables and generate for instance whole characters to any game system.

Consensus  v.

When you create lists people prioritize those lists, resulting in a consensus on the importance of each item. You must have a Windows LiveID associated with your phone in order to use the application, however, your LiveID email address is never obtained ...


Calorie Counter Pro  v.

This application is just for you!

The application was create for people who want or who should control the number of calories provided in food. After addition of your weight, you can calculate BMI and BFI.
There is a base of products, ready ...

Kerika  v.1.1

Kerika is a visual approach to sharing documents, ideas and projects within distributed teams: it works on Macs, Windows and Linux with equal style and grace, and in just minutes you can create a "people-to-people" network that connects across organizations, ...

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX  v.8.0

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control is an advanced component which enables your application with the ability to create and unlimited number of virtual serial port pairs. Your application will be able to crate, delete and fully control virtual serial ports.

ARoglyph for Android  v.1.0.147

Share ideas with people nearby with this Augmented Reality Android app.

Prehistoric people wrote their notes on the walls of their caves. With ARoglyph you don't have to -- instead you can place your marks on the new layer of reality.

Share ...

Character Builder  v.1 10

The Character Builder is a powerful standalone tool that lets non-animators create animated presentations involving characters and optional supporting visuals. The Character Builder can render content directly to the popular Macromedia Flash™ SWF format, ...

ARoglyph for iOS  v.1.3

Share ideas with people nearby with this mobile Augmented Reality iPhone app.

Prehistoric people wrote their notes on the walls of their caves. With ARoglyph you don't have to -- instead you can place your marks on the new layer of reality.

Extra Subst  v.5.3

It is also used to create, edit and remove virtual drives of your computer. Extra Subst creates virtual drives on the basis of selected folders. Physical drives remain unchanged and are not divided into additional partitions.

Example 1:
By ...

CallbackFilter  v.4.1

CallbackFilter component lets you monitor and control disk activity, track file and directory operations (create, read, write, rename etc.), alter file data, encrypt files, create virtual files and much more.

CallbackFilter is an SDK (Software ...

Media Semantics Steve (Scenario)  v.1.0

Requirements: Character Builder 5.0.0 or higher.

the scenario format has four different poses.The poses have fewer actions,but are more suited for scenario movies involving dialog between two characters.The hands can move from one state to ...

File Uneraser  v.1.66.2

It can create virtual folders and its interface has a standard choice of controls and view options. While you need to recover big partitions the search option of RaidLabs File Uneraser helps browsing through numerous folders and files. And when the scanning ...

AlfaReader  v.1.0

Allows to create virtual bookshelf, that can help you to organize your little library. You can select between the multiple e-reading templates and zoom pages and font size. The program automatically remembers where you finished reading and next time ...

PCMate Free System Care  v.6.6.4

Now, you can use this free system manager suite to create virtual WiFi router, record keystrokes, recovery deleted files, clean up registry & junk files, remove privacy-related info as well as empty folders, shred files, etc. to free up disk space, protect ...

Hot Virtual Keyboard  v.8.5

Create your own virtual keyboard and type like a professional by using a mouse or touch screen! Hot Virtual Keyboard makes previous-generation on-screen keyboards look ancient. Type faster with configurable mouse gestures, launch programs, browse the ...

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