Create Graphical Database


Abaque - a graphical database mapper  v.rc.0.4

This project is aimed at providing a 3-tier-architectured full package that enables to interact from Java application with a database. It is strongly based on the Osage project and adds GUI capabilities.

Address Book Database Software

Create a database for your contact information including people names, addresses and phone numbers.


Inventory Management Database Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to create a database of inventory. This software allows the user to keep track of products, employees, suppliers and shipping. The clear and easy to use task menu allows browsing or creating new purchase ...

ModelRight Community

Do you need to design, visualize or document your database? ModelRight 3 can reverse engineer your existing database to get a graphical view of it, generate all the SQL statements to create the database, or synchronize your database model with the database ...

Visual Live Binding for Delphi  v.7.0

Now you can create complex database, application, business logic, and user interface in minutes without writing code, using practically any existing Delphi or C++ Builder component, and enjoy the full power of graphical application development with the ...

JMyBackup  v.1.11

Create MySQL database backups with this tool. JMyBackup is a simple graphical userinterface for mysql database backups. JMyBackup is easy-to-use (userinterface for mysqldump). To run JMyBackup there is no installation necessary.Features:
1. backup ...

PDF Action Single User  v.1.6

The recently released PDF Action program allows users to create PDF's, view PDF's and create a database in 2 simple steps. PDF Action can retrive up to 20,000 PDF's in half a second!

SQL Script Builder

SQL Script Builder is software that create a database sql script (or dump file) from any ODBC data source. The script produced will create the table and the records. Scripts are available in 5 output formats ; MySql, MS SQL, Oracle, Pervasive and PostgreSQL.


4) Create attractive database reports quickly and easily. 5) Export the data quickly from the databases to available formats, Including MS Excel, HTML, RTF, PDF, XML and more.

Inventoria Stock Manager  v.3 24

You will also be able to create a database where you can add your customers and suppliers.

When you will run the application for the first time, a 'Quick Start' window will appear where you can enter your business details (name, address and ...

ClearDB  v.3.0.2

ClearDB Documenter enables you to solvetasks faster and more efficiently by providing a powerful and easy-to-use interface to create Oracle database documentation.
ClearDB Documenter documents a complete set of 54 schema and non-schema object types ...

Sports and Fitness Manager for  v.2.0

Sports and Fitness Manager for Workgroup allows you to create a database and an event planned. The program is use by coaches, fitness instructors, aerobics instructors, group exercise instructors, fitness coordinators, scuba diving instructors, trainers ...

NConstruct  v.2. 2. 2002

* True Rapid Application Development
When you create the database with regard to your customer's demands, you are just a few clicks away from the core of your future application. With NConstruct you get the whole executable and/or source code* for ...

AppGini  v.4.70

Create web database applications instantly without writing any code: Dramatically reduce your effort, costs and wasted time. AppGini is a software that helps you develop web database applications instantly. You do not need to have any programming background ...

A.R.M.S.-Web GUI for MySQL  v.1.1.2

ARMS is a fully featured graphical database management suite that operates entirely from any modern javascript-enabled web browser. The Web2.0 interface provides a user-rich WYSIWIG experience, more like usual desktop applications, while at the same time ...

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