Create Batman Character


Parallax LCD Character Creator  v.1.0

Parallax LCD Character Creator is an easy-to-use program that enables you to create custom character code in seconds.
The program makes it easy to create custom characters for your HD44780-compatible parallel LCD.
Requires Internet Explorer ...

Easy Character Maker  v.1.0

Easy Character Maker is a freeware for creating character. You can create a character using figures. This program will help your imagination. Easy Character Maker make a bmp file. You can load a bmp file to "Microsoft Paint".


Sprite Maker  v.2 31

Use the free Sprite Maker tool to create your own sprites. It is really easy to use and you can very quickly create a character with his own unique outfit. You will be creating your own sprites in seconds. When you have finished customizing you can export ...

Hero Workshop  v.2 6

It enables you to create a character sheet quickly and update and print it out again after each gaming session.

It is a compact and easy to use product. Feature highlights:

* Create characters using any of the core classes and races

Armwrestling Champion

Create your character, learn new abilities, train and become the new Champion. Visit the tavern and collect experience points while demonstrating your power to the other guests. Win fights, increase your respect, get the best sponsor's contracts and ...

Inside the Park Baseball

Create your character from scratch, get drafted and then fight your way out of the minor leagues to "The Show". In your role as a big league ballplayer, you'll negotiate your contracts, spend your hard-earned money on some of the over 300 baseball items ...


Create your character, choose your slider, customize your buggy and play with your friends in stunning arenas and race tracks. Take your character, friends and items from game to game, never having to start from scratch again.

TheHunter  v.1.0.0623.01

Create your character, take a mission and download the 3D client.Pick up your free rifle and unlimited ammo, track and hunt Mule Deer on the visually stunning Whitehart Island.Make the Leaderboards, compare yourself against your friends, even win prizes

WillowTALK  v.2.50.005

Even create multi-character 'plays' or 'scripts' with different computer voices. WillowTALK includes a free pronounciation dictionary which lets you tell it how to pronounce unusual words or abbreviations. WillowTALK also includes a free alarm clock, ...

Slider Party Limited Edition  v.1.0

Create your character, choose your slider, and combat against your friends in mutiple arenas and gameplay modes. Win matches and get crystals and medals. Join the party now!

CrystalBall  v.3.1.8

Pen and Paper Role Playing Game Utility for Players and Game Masters: Character Generator, create your own custom Character Classes, custom Races, and custom Creature Classes! Random Treasure Generator based on Encounter Level, Experience Award Calculator, ...

Eschalon Book  v.1.042

In this game, as many other rpg games, we must decide our own adventure, as the game strongly depends on the way we develop our character. First of all, we must create our character. This can be done in the attribute selection screen. We must decide ...

Soldier Front  v.1.0.787

As in any massive multi-player game, you must first create your character. In this case, it will be a special forces operative. You can choose the special forces group your character will be from, with the options ranging from the well known Delta and ...

001 action / rpg maker  v.1.009.004

Sprites is the replacement for Character Sprites. Vehicle and turret resources now use what used to be the character sprite editor. Sprites editor now supports polygon collision.

The drawbacks:
-actor window has a few new options ...

Dungeon Party  v.

In Dungeon Party, you create your character and customize him using a vast range of different outfits and items. From the enthusiastic wizard to the wise-guy thief, via the executioner who ain't exactly a sweet old grandma, anything goes! Each player ...

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