Core System


MagicSoft Playout  v.4. 6. 2005

Magicsoft Playout is a solution built upon a client-server architecture that provides noticeable stability and usability advantages
To allow an optimum CPU balancing in today's multi-core system, the server controls the video output while the client ...

Webuzo for jCore  v.0.9

jCore server is the core system on which you can build your jCore client sites. This is the system that contains all the libraries and/or modules you would use for your client sites.This way if there is a new release or an important bug fix you won't ...


System Files Lister  v.1.0

This feature does allow to protect core system files from being accidently or intentionally modified by third party programs.

SpiraTest NUnit Addin  v.2. 3. 2001

In addition to the core system, there any many extensions, add-ons and other downloads for SpiraTest® that can be used to increase its capabilities, import data from other systems or integrate it with popular testing and bug-tracking tools.

CPU Control  v.2.1

All processes run on CPU 1, which is useful for old applications which crashes on a dual core system
4. All processes run on CPU 2
5. Deactivated ...

Accomplish Cash Manager  v.14

The data structure and core system is identical. Our system has also been developed to meet tough accessibility standards drawing high praise from sight impaired users. Meeting these standards makes the system easier to use for everyone. Accomplish CashManager ...

4Media DVD to iPad Converter  v.

With support for multi-core CPU and batch processing, 4Media DVD to iPad Converter fully exploits the potential of your multi-core system, offering multi-file conversion with amazing speed and quality.

Key Features:
* Rip DVD to iPad ...

ZeroOnline  v.

Core System
The core system is one of best Zero's features. There are 10 core types and one special core in the game. Each type has an exclusive core program and features. They are absolutely necessary armament for our heroes.

Fleet ...

Info Bag Pro  v.5.0

Apart from simply showing you what your system is made up of, Info Bag Pro can test the performance of your system to give you an idea of whether you need an upgrade or not, by comparing your hardware performance with a Medi-Core and a Fast-Core system.


Portable FreeCAD  v.0.13 Revision 1122 Unstable

It will be a feature based parametric modeler with a modular program architecture which makes it easy to provide additional functionality without modifying the core system.Portable FreeCAD Features:
1. A complete OpenCasCade-based geometry kernel ...

FreeCAD for Windows  v.0.13 Revision 1122 Unstable

It will be a feature based parametric modeler with a modular program architecture which makes it easy to provide additional functionality without modifying the core system.General features:
Base application
1. FreeCAD is multi-platform. It runs ...

32 Float  v.1.0.1 Build 6703

For example, a quad-core CPU system quadruples performance compared to a single-core system, and so forth.Trial Information
1. Installs as an image editing plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4 or CS5.
2. Try exactly what you buy: fully functional, ...

Coreinfo  v.3.04

Coreinfo Output:
The following output is from an 2-socket, quad-core system, AMD Opteron system. Note how each socket corresponds to a NUMA node, and each CPU has its own L1 instruction and data cache and L2 unified cache.Coreinfo v2.10 - Dump information ...

Advanced Win Service Manager  v.3.1

+ Service Filter Mechanism: Includes built-in Filters to display only Running, Third Party or core System services etc.

+ Color based Threat Representation: Displays services as Dangerous, Suspicious, Normal using Color ...

Sawmill Enterprise  v.8.1.0

This can give a nearly linear speedup sawmill when processing large logs on a multi-core system, so an 8-core system can import data in 1/8 the time, during log import, the first stage of a database build. Sawmill ENTERPRISE also uses all processors ...

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