Console Windows


ConEmu  v.15.05.13

This freeware open-source terminal application allows you to open multiple console Windows in tabs. Lots of customization options. You can even customize settings for each target console application separately. Window splitting support. Ships with a ...

Jar2Exe Wizard

It supports three types of executives: Console, Windows GUI, Windows NT Service. The generated Exe file can find valid JRE itself from Registry or from environment variable "JAVA_HOME" or from configuration file, and then start the main class specified.


Jar2Exe  v.2.1.6

Jar2Exe is a tool to wrap jar files into binary exe files for Windows, Linux and Mac.

To start java from generated exe files is more convenient: 1) Easy to start, generated exe files will find JRE on host by itself. 2) Easy to configure, generated ...

ADB LogCat Manager  v.Beta

ADB LogCat Manager tool generates the colorful log in console windows of tool. This software will deliver for testing purpose where user can debug their phone and get running log of particular mobile phone, can manage your Android device.

ConsoleUp  v.0.2.1

It will open a console windows with the target especified selected.How to use:
1. Right clic on the target folder.
2. Select the "Send to" submenu.
3. Clic on ConsoleUp.
4. A console brings up in the selected folder.

EMCO Remote Console  v.1.0.3

Free remote console with GUI, that provides an access to interactive command-line prompt on remote PCs. It can be used to execute Windows commands and run processes remotely from the command line. You can open multiple consoles in parallel to work with ...


EZMailSend is a simple to use command line console application for Windows that allows you to easily send email via your SMTP server. You can integrate EZMailSend with batch files, scheduled tasks as well as use it in situations where you need an application ...

Take Command

And CMD and PowerShell users will love Take Command's tabbed console windows and Windows shell integration.

Take Command/LE

And CMD and PowerShell users will love Take Command/LE's tabbed console windows and Windows shell integration.

F-Secure Home Server Security 2009  v.1.0.232

This product integrates seamlessly with Windows Home Server, providing constantly updated automatic detection and removal of all types of malicious software. It is easy to use through the Windows Home Server Console.
Windows Home Server is the center ...

VuPassword  v.2.0

0 by Pierre TORRIS is a simple small tool to show the windows passwords that appear shadowed. You can reveal those by dragging the magnifying icon from the tool and dropping it in the field where ('********') characters are present. The tool works on ...

TCI  v.2.01

You can attach and detach console sessions, cut and paste between console windows, and customize the toolbar to send commands or keystrokes to a tab.

ConsoleHoster  v.3.1

So, for example, it can host all the console windows in it, so you won't have many taskbar items appear, and be hard to choose which one is which. Also it brings in a lot of nice features for working with console and keeping the user away from the limitations.

Take Command x64  v.17.00.77

And CMD and PowerShell users will love Take Command's tabbed console windows and Windows shell integration. Take Command adds features such as extensive context-sensitive online help, shell monitoring commands, plugins, aliases for commonly used commands, ...

Avi.NET  v.3. 5. 2001

avi.NET will allow you to load in both MPEG-1 (VCD) and MPEG-2 (SVCD/DVD/HDTV) movie files and convert them to an AVI.Whether it be a DivX AVI, or Xvid AVI, the resulting video file will be 100% standalone player compatible meaning it will play in your ...

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