Computer Directory Compare


Directory Compare  v.3.41

Directory Compare provides a comparison of the contents of two directories and the capability to synchronize the directories. It includes the following abilities:
1. Compare the contents of two directories, optionally including their subdirectories

Easy directory compare  v.3.3.07

Let's easy directory compare. Comparison tools are used for various reasons. When one wishes to compare binary files, byte-level is probably best. But if one wishes to compare text files, a side-by-side visual comparison is usually best. This gives the ...


Easy backup programs  v.3.3.04

Have you decided to install easy backup programs? You need easy directory compare. Easy backup programs are computer programs used to perform backup; they create supplementary exact copies of files, databases or entire computers. These programs may later ...

SmartSynchronize  v.3 2

SmartSynchronize is a multi-platform file and directory compare tool. It can compare or 3-way-merge files and edit the file content.

SmartSynchronize is specialized in comparing directory structures, e.g. of software projects, and keeps them ...

Beyond Compare  v.3.2.3

Beyond Compare is a directory compare utility and a file compare utility wrapped in one. Synchronize files between laptop and PC, home and office, etc. Compare directory trees side-by-side with mismatches highlighted. Display text files side-by-side ...

Directory Digest  v.1 2

Directory compare & integrity check tool. Unlike most directory compare tools, it is intended for use in cases, when two directories can not be directly compared. Main features: compare directories on computers that are not connected, compare the same ...


PerformanceTest is a benchmark tool that allows everybody to quickly assess the performance of their computer and compare it to a number of standard 'baseline' computer systems. It has a small foot print, is quick to run and can export results to a variety ...

Dodgeball  v.

Dodgeball excitement right in your pocket! Play against the computer and compare your high scores on the leader boards.
Tilt your phone to run left or right, to avoid falling balls. If the stickman stays some place for a while, a box will be threw ...

Abonsoft Folder Compare  v.1.0

Abonsoft Folder Compare is powerful and easy-to-use folder comparison program that allows to find all your different files or folders. The tool can copy or move folders to another side or to any folder of your computer. Also the program enables to delete ...

Compare & Sync Two File Folders Software

Synchronize an office computer with a home computer with this program.

Directory Toolkit  v.6 6

Directory Toolkit displays a single or side-by-side directory comparison using color coding for alike, different, or missing files. You can copy, move, & rename files while retaining long filenames. Built-in ZIP, TAR, GZ, LZ & CAB archive functions, with ...

Compare and Merge  v.2 3

Compare and Merge is a visual file and source code compare utility. It lets you see the differences between text files, and makes it easy to resolve these differences. For programmers, web developers, and anyone else who works with multiple revisions ...

Print File List and Print Folder Contents from directory list

If you want to easily print a list of files present in one or several directories, then this software is for you! With this software, you can easily: Select multiple directories to save or print. Simply click on a couple buttons to select listings present ...

AJC Directory Synchronizer  v.3 4

This program can be used for comparing and synchronizing two different directories. Directories can be anywhere on the disk or on external device. This software is very useful for synchronization between two different directories over a network system.

FolderMatch  v.3.7.0

A tool that can compare files down to the byte level is
required. FolderMatch offers several byte-level comparison options - from
the industry-standard CRC to the advanced 160-bit Secure Hash Algorithm.

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