Compare Pictures Duplicates


Image Comparitor  v.1.0

ImageComparitor is a utility for Mac OS X and Windows (technically everything since it's a Java program) designed to compare pictures/image files inside a folder for duplicate images (based on file hash) and remove excess duplicates (while retaining you ...

Similar & Duplicate File Finder  v.6.0

Compare pictures for pixel similarities. Choose which files to send to the Recycle Bin. This software can be used to find an original image and its corresponding thumbnail. This software is great for when you want to find similar pictures in your hard ...


Similar Image File Finder Software  v.7.0

Compare pictures for pixel similarities. Choose which files to send to the Recycle Bin. This software can be used to find an original image and its corresponding thumbnail. The application features simple user interface and ease in maneuverability. The ...

List Compare Buddy  v.2.1

List Compare Buddy 2.1 will compare any two list and remove duplicates homepage ...

Remove Duplicate Pictures Platinum

Remove Duplicate Pictures - easily remove duplicate pictures of any size with our solution designed to remove duplicate pictures on your computer, the award-winning program to remove duplicate pictures in any location, the cutting-edge tool to smoothly ...

Duplicate Killer for Microsoft Outlook  v.3.46

Remove Outlook duplicates. Compare, edit and merge selected Outlook contacts and other items manually without copy-paste. Contacts that contain too little information can now be found and removed using the Junk Contacts Wizard. Remove duplicates in distribution ...

NH's PictureSort  v.2.0

NH's PictureSort is a easy to use program to view, flip, rotate, compare, sort, rename and categorize pictures and other files. If you take photos with your digital camera, have some cd's with cliparts or download graphics from the web, you spend a lot ...

CheckDupli  v.1.2

The duplicates are displayed in a tree-like structure (called the result-tree) allowing you to see the file details and compare the duplicates attributes : file size, dates... It is possible to manually delete the useless duplicates files from within ...

Alternate Pic View EXESlide  v.1.502

Alternate Pic View EXESlide Features:
* Slideshow
* Thumbnails
* Drawing operations
* Serveral pictur formats
* Tile picutes
* Combine pictures
* Size pictues/extend
* Batchconversation/Sizing
* Icon extraction from DLL- and EXE-files
* Save selection to file
* File properties
* EXIF/IPTC information is not lost while saving a picture
* Red eye reduction
* Scale colors
* Rotate colors
* Drawing arrows
* Available in polish and slovak language
* Size display correction for saving JPEGs compressed
* Rectangle selection enhanced
* Multipage TIFFs
* Now also in danish and italian language
* Compare pictures ...

PhotoSelector Portable  v.

A few days out and you come home with hundreds of pictures, PhotoSelector helps you to sort them, delete the less fortunate shots or compare pictures taken with different settings using the EXIF info stored in jpg. PhotoSelector offers a quick and easy ...

Excel Fuzzy Compare and Match Duplicates Software  v.7.0

The user can define the percentage of match and to find fuzzy duplicates within 1 or 2 selections (ranges). Excel 2000 or higher required.

Find Duplicate Pictures

Find Duplicate Pictures: How to Find duplicate pictures? What is the Best way to find duplicate pictures? Find duplicate pictures and find picture duplicates - easily with automatic duplicate picture remover. Automatic duplicate picture finding software ...

Delete Duplicate Pictures

Delete Duplicate Pictures: How to Delete duplicate pictures? Delete duplicate pictures and delete duplicate picture files, easily delete duplicate pictures and delete picture duplicates with the duplicate picture deleting software. Deleting duplicate ...

Duplicates Finder  v.3.1

Duplicates Finder is extremely simple tool which can be used to compare files line-by-line (or word-by-word) to find and extract duplicates. Just a toy I made for my own use, but decided to publish for anyone interested. Large files and UTF supported.

Email Compare & Remove Duplicate Lists Software  v.7.0

There are features in the software to remove list items that contain or do not contain certain text, remove blank entries or delete duplicates. Also, there are features to load two lists and compare them with each other to keep matches or subtract one ...

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