Colour Coordinate Conversion Calculator


Telecommunications V&H Coordinate Conversion Library

Telecommunications V&H Coordinate Conversion C++ Object Library A cornerstone component for any application that uses or manipulates telecommunications industry standard Vertical and Horizontal (V&H) Coordinates. Convert V&H coordinates to Latitude and ...

Weight Conversion Calculator

com's Weight Conversion Calculator lets you convert pounds to grams, compare weight grams, and many other forms of unit conversion. Our converter is quick and easy to use.


Conversion Calculator  v.

Conversion Calculator performs the conversion of values ​​between different units. Are 148 possibilities, grouped into five categories: area, length, mass, pressure and volume.

Eye4Software GPS Toolkit for Java  v.4.0

Java toolkit to add coordinate conversion functionality to your Java applications and applets. The toolkit offers functionality to perform map grid and datum transformations: latitude and longitude can be converted to various map grids, like Transverse ...

Dovada Calculator  v.2 1

This version of student calculator is an excellent educational software product, it has hundreds of science, astronomy, physics data and mathematical formula built in, which can be easily accessed and used in calculations.
No longer do you have ...

Calculator++  v.1.1.2 Build 135

Calculator++ is a cross-platform, arbitrary-precision, customizable, feature-rich, scientific calculator. Using Calculator++, you can perform any of the customary handheld or online calculator operations, and many more. While it serves as an outstanding ...

Eye4Software GPS Mapping Studio  v.4.1

GPS Mapping Software for Windows, Loading topographic maps, realtime navigation, track recording, manage GPS devices and more. The software can be used with various map formats including: GeoTiff, BSB Nautical Charts, AutoCad DXF files, ESRI Shapefiles.

GPS Sway  v.1.0

GPS Sway is a simple coordinate conversion program. It handles all forms of latitude and longitude (degrees, degrees minutes, degrees minutes seconds) as well as UTM coordinates and will convert from any form to another. It also handles signs or character ...

CE CALC - Unit Conversions  v.1.0

CE CALC - Unit Conversion is a Unit Conversion Calculator, unit conversion software. Engineering unit conversion software. Unit conversion software that converts units of acceleration, angles, area, density, energy, flow, force, light, length, mass, power, ...

JConvert  v.0.2

jConvert is a Java unit conversion calculator, can perform all the usual conversions. Also offers you information about every unit.Requirements:
* Java ...

BOI_CurrncyConverter  v.

Free currency conversion calculator. Find the latest currency exchange rates and convert all major world currencies with BOI Currency Converter.

Geocaching_Toolbox  v.

Text decypher, coordinate conversion, projection and table lookups. More functions to be added!

Electrical Converter  v.

Electrical Converter is a conversion calculator that can quickly and easy translate different electrical units of measure. It consists of 16 Categories with 173 Units and 2162 Conversions.

List of Electrical Converters:

Field Strength
Electric ...

Cooking Companion  v.1.0

Features Cooking Timer Cooking Conversion Calculator ...

SuperSciCalc  v.1.3

SuperSciCalc is a powerful scientific and conversion calculator. Save time and increase your accuracy: SuperSciCalc gives you easy access to 60 built-in physical and mathematical constants, so you spend much less time is looking up their values, and ...

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