Color Expert Program


Natural Color Expert  v.2.0

Natural Color Expert is a program developed by Samsung to maximize and optimize the capability of the Syncmaster XL20 monitor for broad color bands.

It was developed to adjust the color characteristic offsets for each monitor which can occur ...

Color Expert  v.3 6

The ultimate color tool - color expert is a web color scheme and html color code generator, a superb color picker and a color value converter(convert with RGB,HSL,CMYK,etc). Color Expert allows you to select and save a whole range of colors into one scheme, ...


OKSoft Color Picker  v.1 20

OKSoft Color Picker is an excellent and professional color picker program we designed for you. It is designed to help users who often works with color and palette. You may choose an appropriate color from the palette and copy its value to the clipboard.

GiMeSpace Win8 Color Changer  v.

All colors in your template are calculated from this one color! This program is developed to bring a bit more color variation back to the programs that are running in the Windows desktop. It is not like the good old days in XP. Some colors are 'hard ...

Expert EC3  v.1 1

EXPERT program EC3 program is dedicated to performing code verification of steel element connections made of typical rolled section from the database or from welded section defined by user.

For a chosen connection type the user enters the geometry ...

Impact Color Fax Lite  v.8.12

Free Impact Color Fax Lite program is designed for users who need a simple but impactful PC color faxing program solution. Send and receive faxes from the comfort of your home computer. Send any file on your computer as a fax, or use the Free Impact Color ...

ProfiLab Expert  v.4.0

ProfiLab-Expert program allows you to develop your own digital or analogue measuring technology projects. It doesn't matter if you want to create analogue measurements or digital controls - you can realize it all. And for all this you don't have to write ...

Color Vision  v.1.03

Color Vision is a color simulation program to help you with your work. Make a whole rainbow by mixing red, green, and blue light. Change the wavelength of a monochromatic beam or filter white light. View the light as a solid beam, or see the individual ...

EclipsePalette  v.2.0.20

EclipsePalette is a color palette and screen color capture program designed for not only web designers, but Visual Basic, C , C#, and Java developers as well. It features a drag-and-drop interface, as well a color mixer, and manual color adjustment tools.

Natural Color Pro  v.1.0.0005

Natural Color Pro, developed by Samsung for its monitors, is a color system management application. This is a version that allows making display and colors settings quickly and easily, in both CDT and LCD monitors. This program lets you change the color ...


MonitorTest runs in Windows and will work at any resolution, aspect ratio and color depth supported by your monitor and graphics card and will support multiple monitor.

FaceFilter Studio  v.2.0

0 is a program to enhance facial images.

It accomplishes this by removing winkles, enhancing and evening skin tones, enhancing light conditions, and more.

The trial version lasts 15 days trial and will add a watermark to saved images.

Free Uninstaller  v.1 1

This is one of the best options to uninstall and remove any unwanted program from your PC. The program has an intuitive interface and displays a list of all the programs installed in your computer with complete information about them (such as their name, ...

Magic Bullet Colorista  v.1 2

Colorista II brings the power of high-end color systems to your desktop. For the first time, you can perform professional color grading in your favorite editing applications and move between them with consistent, quality results. Colorista's easy-to-use ...

MSN Text Styler  v.1.0.3

This will be visible if the receiving contact also uses this program. If the contact doesn't hav MSN Text Styler installed, the text will be shown as normal MSN text.

You can select the start color and the end color that you want in your text.

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