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Adebis Photo Editor

Adebis Photo Editor enables you to color-correct your photographs (color balance and saturation), correct lighting problems (exposition, brightness, contrast), remove the red eye effect, get rid of image distortions stemming from lens imperfections and ...

JoyceImageConverter  v.

JoyceImageConverter is a perfect tool for those who are looking for a handy program with which they will be able convert hundreds of images from one format to another and perform image operations like resize, crop, rotate, color correct, etc. in just ...


BasICColor CMYKick  v.1. 2. 2001

basICColor CMYKick brings you the possibility to do color correct printing on your RGB printing system in an easy way.

4basICColor CMYKick creates ICC profiles for CMYK printers
such as laser oder inkjet printers with RIP, ...

Color Correction Wizard

Color Correction Wizard is an all-in-one batch color correction tool. The program effectively solves contrast and color balance problems turning dull digital images into splashes of color. Moreover, the program gives you a unique opportunity to impose ...

PictureMan 5.0.2 PRO

Professional image processing application with full support of 48 bit color resolution and the richest set of retouching and enhancement filters, built-in special effects, powerful painting capabilities, full-feature multilayering, image measuring, automatic ...

CorrectPhoto  v.3. 2. 2003

With this program you will be able to rotate, crop, resize, sharpen and correct red eyes in a couple of seconds. What is more, the program also offers a tool called 'One-click color and exposure correction', which allows you to correct certain areas ...

Picture Man

Get complete image processing and composition functionality with full support of 48-bit color mode in layers and all filters. It features automatic enhancement, including true automatic red-eye and scratch and dust removal. It also includes more than ...

CompositeLab Pro  v.

Discover the full power of greenscreen, animation, color grading and masking with CompositeLab Pro. If you want to make a superhero fly or go invisible, turn actors into giants, create picture-in-picture presentations or color grade your movies to look ...

Edit Curves  v.2.0

Edit MultiColors is a different color correction tools. Selective Color, through a combination of lens and automatic density masking, you easily and locally perform color corrections. Advanced set of Curves 'a la photoshop' let you color correct one or ...

Veescope Signals  v.1.0.1

Veescope Signals revolutionizes color correcting in Final Cut Pro. It's innovative video scopes allow you to make color adjusts easier and more accurately than ever before. The Fleshscope let's you color correct video using human skin as a reference point.

Resize JPEGs

Other vendors provide features to convert, rotate, grayscale, thumbnails, print, email, publish, watermark, color correct, filter, and more! With Resize JPEGs you get just that, a program that will resize your jpegs.

Clarion FreeImage Project  v.3 10

The base class wraps the FreeImage DLL and includes methods to load, save, transform, rescale, create thumbnails, color correct, change bit depth, alpha blend and more.

Perfect Photo Suite  v.6.1

Mask Pro
Using advanced color matching and decontamination technology, Mask Pro 4 helps you create flawless masks from the most difficult images.3. PhotoFrame Professional Edition
It features over a thousand of design elements like film edges, ...

Edit for Aperture  v.1.8

* Color Correct with Curves * Powerful Image DeNoising * Image ReFocusing * Image Beautifier * Correct Lens Distortion * Grid Distortion * Frame or Edge your images right inside Aperture * Add Classy Frames inside Aperture * Add Fractals * Put Lights ...

Canvas Draw for Mac  v.

With an extensive collection of symbols, a wide range of file compatibility, and advanced editing tools, you can paint, draw, select, retouch, color correct, and clone your way to seamless designs, typography, and branding.

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