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Mail Client API for Oracle PL/SQL  v.0.932

In the Oracle database there are two PL/SQL APIs to send mails: UTL_SMTP and UTL_MAIL. But there is no package which is able to retrieve messages from a mailbox on a server. The here provided package MAIL_CLIENT closes this gap.

Otfeed client driver  v.0.1.3

Client API to the OpenTick financial data feed service.


Project Darkstar Client with SSL  v.

An extension of the java client api for Project Darkstar server (formerly sponsored by Sun Microsystems, Inc.) with TLS capability.

Aculab Media System (AMS) CSharp  v.

The AMS C# Client API is supplied as strong-named .NET assembly and is fully Common Language Specification (CLS) compliant. All types in the API are declared within the AMSClassLibrary namespace.

It contains a library of classes that control ...

JPalo  v.

The JPalo Client, API, and WebClient are tools to visualize and model data of a Palo or XMLA database. Their main purpose is Business Intelligence Reporting and Planning. With the API, programmers can easily model their specific needs.

CodePorting C#2Java Visual Studio Addin  v.1.0

CodePorting C#2Java is a web-based tool for converting C# applications, projects and source code into Java. Its powerful porting engine has all the capability to parse and transform millions of lines of code to Java in few seconds. C# to Java code porting ...

ActiveWidgets Grid (Free Edition)  v.1.0.0

Complete with fixed headers, client-side sorting, resizable columns, images, tooltips and a lot more - the grid widget will save you weeks of JavaScript/DHTML/CSS/XML programming. Professional design, well documented source code, tutorial, API reference, ...

Lightstreamer  v.4.0.3 Build 1513.1.11

Based on the AJAX-Comet paradigm it streams real-time data to any HTML browser without the need to download or install anything on the client and without page reloads. Lightstreamer can also feed any traditional thick client through one of the client ...

XINS  v.2.3

From its specifications, XINS can generate HTML, WSDL, client-side code, server-side code, test forms and more.From the specifications written in simple XML, XINS generates the Client API (.jar), the Java server code template (.war), the WSDL and the ...

DBLX  v.112

DBLX is a multi-user, client-server relational database written in Java.The design goals of DBLX are to produce a very small, very fast database which can be used with standard ANSI sql.DBLX includes the server component, a command-line client, as well ...

Zee ASP.NET Docking Control

Client API. Dynamic panel. Supports all major browsers, quirks/strict modes.

Peekabot  v.0.8.3

To enable remote data visualization, peekabot uses a distributed client-server architecture. All the gory details of networking is handled by the client library, used by your programs.peekabot is divided into two distinct parts: the server and the client ...

Wine  v.1.3.23 Development

Wacom)Wine API
Designed for source and binary compatibility with Win32 code
Win32 API test suite to ensure compatibility
Compilable on a wide range of C compilers
Permits mixing of Win32 and POSIX code
Permits mixing of ELF (.so) ...

ZWCAD+  v.2015

dwg 2013 support, better time saving tools such as Ref Managers , Super Hatch and Sweep& Loft, code-level API and key 2D Functions, such as Dynamic blocks and Unicode.

* Enhanced and new features of ZWCAD+ boost your design efficiency.
Most ...

Web API Sample Code  v.3.0

RChilli - Resume Parser ? Web API mode is more popular and more used by the Job Portals and mainly used for Web Application like Job Sites, Social Networking Web Portals and Career related Web Links. This helps the Users and Administrator to upload, ...

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