Co Ordinates


XYit  v.

XYit captures xy coordinates from images of graphs and maps, providing you with the original co-ordinates of points and line features.

You can also do the reverse - plotting xy points back onto an image - for showing proposed traffic routes, ...

Auto Mouse Click  v.1 1

Define Click Type, X Co-ordinates, Y-Co-ordinate and specify whether to return mouse cursor back to original location and automate mouse clicks.

The Auto Mouse Click Utility allows to group Mouse Clicks (let's call the group as Mouse Click ...


Descartes  v.4.0

These include polar and cartesian co-ordinates, parametric and intrinsic functions. A wide range of functions are built-in, from simple trig and hyperbolic functions to things such as the ceil and gamma functions. On-screen HTML help is bulit-in.

World City and Countries Database  v.1.0

They differ in geo co-ordinates only. Also offered is USA counties and states database along with UK counties and cities database> ...

FriendFinder  v.

Find the distance and direction (from due North) of your friend, based on the GPS co-ordinates.

* Requires no internet connection to work
* Can find and show your current GPS location
* SMS your location to a friend
* ...

Mouse Locator  v.1.0

The Location of Mouse Cursor is displayed in term of X and Y Co-Ordinates updated automatically at 200 milli seconds. The Mouse Locator Window stays on top of other Windows and can be moved around the screen with Title Bar. Small & Easy Utility to get ...

Khi3 Osez Print  v.4

Astronomy: Geocentric and heliocentric planetary co-ordinates. Simulation 3d of the Solar system. Calculation of positions of Mars, Jupiter and Saturne satellites, with 3d animations. Ballade in stars. Equatorial planets Projection.

Games: ...

C-GEO  v.

There is no limit to the data processing operations that you can perform on the base of geodetic co-ordinates. Between CAD, GIS and other programs the import and export of data is freely possible.

Calculation modules and base of co-ordinates ...

DigitiseImage  v.2.0.0

As you do so, the program records the co-ordinates of each point, and marks it with a dot.

ROCK3D32  v.1.0

The structural geology data collection is carried out through the introduction of the joint orientations and the co-ordinates of the end points of the joint traces that are visible on the slope surface. The rock slope orientation and the rock mass parameters ...

Nomads Almanac  v.1. 5. 2002

Select your location by clicking on the map, choosing a town from the list, choosing a 'favourite' or entering your co-ordinates.
There is a database of over 65000 names to choose from.

Misnamed Filter  v.0.6

Its purpose is to detect spam emails which have been sent to valid email addresses, but using the wrong display names. For example, if an email is addressed to 'Richard Meyer' then it is very likely to be spam (unless your name is Richard Meyer, of course!).

DMap  v.7. 2. 2006

The distribution data can consist of Grid References, a variety of other metric co-ordinates, or Latitude Longitude.

RadioLink  v.6.041

The radio path is drawn onto the map using the mouse pointer or by entering the co-ordinates into the Projects manager. Now has LOS and Field Strength Plotting functions. USGS DEM, SDTS DEM, SRTM3, GT0PO30, SRTM30 and Ordnance Survey map data formats ...

HF-Prop  v.7.00

1) Place the mouse cursor (notice that the latitude/longitude co-ordinates of the cursor are displayed on the status bar) over your current position on the map and click the left mouse button. Your position to the nearest degree is marked with a ...

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