Clean Unwanted Sites


DirSweeper  v.1.0.3

Sweep and clean unwanted files from your directories. DirSweeper uses recursive scanning to 'deep-clean' files from your system. On-screen progress of clean and sweep process, which can be aborted at any time!

Fast and efficient, cleans and ...

DirSweeper 2006  v.1.0.0

Sweep and clean unwanted files from your directories.* Uses recursive scanning to 'deep-clean' files from your system.* On-screen progress of clean and sweep process, which can be aborted at any time!* Fast and efficient, cleans and Sweeps files based ...


Duplicate Files Cleaner

Find and clean unwanted duplicate files, instantly free-up hard disk space! Duplicate Files Cleaner is a powerful and professional tool that helps people to scan and clean a large amount of duplicate Photos, Music, Videos and Outlook Emails. Duplicate ...

HS CleanDisk  v.1.0

Clean unwanted garbage files on your harddisk, caches, cookies, history, recent list. Clean your system registry. Backup your deleted files. Try it if you want more harddisk space. Turkish, English and German support.

Moo0 DiskCleaner  v.1 16

It deletes unwanted files like temporary files. It can also remove browser cache, history and cookies. We can set the program to automatically clean the computer at Windows startup. It has a nice interface. We can download many skins from the developer ...

User Time Control  v.

It has got the Internet Filter module to allow connecting Internet for certain applications from the list, visiting trusted sites or you can just disable internet applications and unwanted sites. There is the ability to control Internet usage time too.

Hidetools Parental Control  v.4 1

Our advanced content matching algorithms provide a secure means to filter unwanted sites, without having to specify each address individually.

Traffic Inspector  v.

Web access rules are used for blocking unwanted sites, banners, ads, graphics, music and videos.

Anti-virus protection. Traffic Inspector Antivirus is powered by Kaspersky Lab technology. The gateway anti-virus scans web and email traffic ...

Desksense Professional  v.

Desksense can also be installed at schools and colleges to avoid the students from opening unwanted sites, files and folders so that the students spend much time on taking grasp of their literally lessons.

KSnetManager  v.

Because the program allows you to pick and choose exactly which websites to allow, it will never block wanted sites, or permit unwanted sites. KSnetManager gives you the ability to control usage of programs on your own computer, giving you the same options ...

Clean Slate  v.6 5

Restores your computer to its original configuration discarding unwanted computer changes. Just log off or reboot. Clean Slate is easy yet powerful.
Clean Slate is designed to protect public access computers from malicious or inexperienced users.

Win PC Clean Up  v.1.0

Win PC Clean up is a program that helps clean up all the junk off your computer. With this application you are able to speed up the processing power of your PC and clear up all the unwanted junk files. Try it out today and you will notice a dramatic difference ...

Clean Mac software (Mac )  v.2.0

The Clean Mac software for Mac is used to improves your Mas performance and speed and that lead a smooth environment to work further. This software is a unique and exclusive as well to clean up your mac space which is fulled by many unwanted and unnecessary ...

Clean PC Max  v.1.0

Clean PC Max is the ultimate tool for cleaning your PC. It removes junk and temp files, protects your privacy, and helps your PC run faster and cleaner. Plus, Clean PC Max is easy to use, fast, and runs automatically. Clean PC Max will put you in control ...

Clean Space Ultimate

Evidences of visited web sites, viewed videos and images, written emails are easy available to anyone. Protect your Privacy and delete history of your activity. Clean Space clears browser history, temporary Internet files, cookies, index.dat files, and ...

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